What to Expect at FIMA: A Focus on Data Risk, Regulation and Reporting

Feb 25, 2016 –

The increased complexity of today’s regulatory landscape has made risk management analytics and reporting a challenge for many financial players, especially investment managers, broker/dealers and banks. To meet the needs of regulators, counterparties and partners, financial institutions are looking to integrate siloed risk management entities, to leverage their existing data and risk management infrastructure without system re-engineering, requiring an enterprise-wide approach.

These concerns are front-and-center at the upcoming Financial Information Management Conference (FIMA) in Boston, the pre-eminent reference data, counterparty risk and data innovation conference. Among the topics being discussed by chief data officers, heads of reference data and other executive decision makers, FIMA 2016 is focusing on the importance of creating continuous monitoring to measure data quality, achieving consistent data governance across the organization, and strengthening risk data aggregation to meet regulatory obligations.

AxiomSL CEO Alex Tsigutkin will be leading this discussion in the panel Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management. This panel will focus on how key parties can work towards better collaboration between infrastructure and regulators, how to ensure that regulators have what they need to do their jobs, how increased collaboration can better equip stakeholders to handle the next wave of regulatory change, and how firms can prioritize the commitments made with data to various regulators across the world.

Tsigutkin will address these issues by explaining how AxiomSL is empowering the financial community to deliver integrated regulatory and risk management solutions for the financial services industry, meeting the on-going challenges of new operating models, including automated reporting, business logic, data integration and enrichment, auditability, scalability and accountability to address multiple deadlines around the world. AxiomSL’s Integration Center and Data Driven Warehouse provides the foundation for this flexible integrated platform for enterprise-wide analytics and reporting that both complements and supplements existing IT infrastructure.

The Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management panel is only one of the sessions we are excited to attend at FIMA. With more than 300 attendees scheduled to attend, we’re looking forward to hearing from the leaders in the industry on how operations are being improved to meet the needs of the industry.

We’re eager to hear from industry directly. Feel free to stop by Booth 21 and tell us about the challenges you face and how we might help.

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