ControllerView® V10 Briefing

Data Integrity and Control Platform – From V9 to V10

The Next Generation Data Integrity and Control Platform

Over the past two decades, AxiomSL’s ControllerView® data integrity and control platform has evolved through nine major releases. With V10, AxiomSL has reconceptualized the platform to meet the following objectives:

  • Cloud- and Web-enabled deployment
  • Improved run-time performance
  • Enhanced entitlement and controls that segregate regulatory-reporting duties
  • Newly designed user interface that enhances the visual-business process for multiple communities including business, operational, administration and technology users
  • More intuitive and granular description of data flow elements
  • Improved data-analysis and audit capabilities via enhanced metadata and data-management capabilities
  • Extend the current open architecture to include REST APIs that enable integration with external software applications

This briefing describes the architecture of the V10 platform highlighting the improvements versus V9. It also proposes questions that should be considered when upgrading from V9 and provides a foundation for an informed conversation to plan that upgrade.

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