TSAM East Coast Panel Discussion – Using Versatile Technology To Drive Data-driven Success

The ability to communicate information to both clients and external regulators has never been more data-driven. Taking an initiative to utilize a more data-driven strategy, many investment management firms are faced with obstacles along the way.

One of the major impediments in implementing a data-driven strategy is data quality. Lacking a consistent standard for quality of data, many firms struggle to get the most out of their compliance platforms. Working with fragmented data coming from siloed sources, many financial firms struggle to make their data an asset.

This issue is especially prevalent with downstream systems. In a downstream system where compliance is often the last stop, having a consistent and holistic approach to data quality is a necessity.

Additionally, constant regulatory changes make having a coupled approach that combines data and rules management imperative.

At this webinar, the team of panelists discusses the understanding of data-driven success and what steps firms should take to attain a holistic data-driven strategy. As one panelist summed it up nicely:

“Data-driven success isn’t the destination, it’s the journey.”

data-driven success


  • Rajiv Ohri, Director, Product Management and Client Solutions, Investment Operations Outsourcing, BNY Mellon
  • Marc A. Wright, Head of Data Strategy, Russell Investments
  • R. Jay Boyd, Former Director of Internal Consulting, Invesco
  • Gaurav Chandra, Product Manager Global Shareholding Disclosures, AxiomSL


Watch the webinar replay and explore the meaning of data-driven success for investment management organizations and how it can be achieved:

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