Trade and Transaction

Regime-agnostic data-driven platform enables FIs to determine eligibility, manage exceptions, report to TRs for mandates including EMIR, MiFIR, SFTR


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Eligibility across Regimes

Under various global regulatory regimes, counterparties must report on a wide range of trades in scope. Designating eligibility by regime requires counterparties to:

  • Submit required reporting based on clean, transparent data
  • Track regulatory changes

  • Track, interpret and comply with multiple rules across regimes


Diverse requirements, large volumes and tight, frequent reporting deadlines strain processing capacities and increase risk of compliance breaches.


In-house reporting process challenges include:

  • Preparing reports across regimes and trade repositories
  • Responding to regulatory changes
  • Updating eligibility criteria
  • Determining eligibility

  • Transmitting to the trade repository (TR) of choice
  • Accommodating multiple regimes
  • Sourcing traceable data

Questions to Consider

  • Can we seamlessly integrate diverse systems and utilize a non-invasive approach to trade and transaction data management?
  • How do we implement a scalable approach that will optimize resources while ensuring transparency?
  • What are best practices for addressing the reconciliation of unpaired and unmatched trades?

  • How can we efficiently manage data collection, validation, enrichment, and submission requirements across regimes?
  • Are we technologically prepared to automate all TR submissions, including delegated submissions?
  • Can we see the end-to-end lifecycle of reported trades?


Regime Agnostic

AxiomSL’s flexible, regime-agnostic, and transparent Trade and Transaction (T-and-T) Reporting solution provides counterparties with a seamless process to comply with global reporting requirements.

ControllerView® platform

Running on AxiomSL’s data integrity and control platform, ControllerView®, the T-and-T solution enables counterparties to manage all data collection, validation, enrichment, and submission requirements in one place.


Running on ControllerView the solution:

  • Delivers comprehensive transaction reporting for all global reporting requirements
  • Provides a single, regime-agnostic exception management capability
  • Optimizes infrastructure and resource burdens
  • Deployable on AxiomSL’s secure RegCloud™

  • Automatically identifies all in-scope transactions and produces regulatory reports
  • Enables a fully auditable and traceable resolution of trade exceptions
  • Facilitates visibility of the end-to-end life-cycle of reported trades

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AxiomSL’s Trade & Transaction Solution

T&T Solution Graphic

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T-and-T on ControllerView provides:

  • Comprehensive transaction reporting
  • Regime-agnostic exception management
  • Complete auditability
  • Cloud-enabled functionality

For more information about AxiomSL’s T-and-T Reporting Solution, download the PDF.


Delivers comprehensive transaction reporting for all global reporting requirements

Validates and enriches data —leveraging AxiomSL’s SecurityView data dictionary approach

Enables transparent data drill-down and maintains audit trail of changes for books and records

Provides regime-agnostic exception management capabilities

Clearly displays exceptions by status on a dashboard —providing quick insight into data-quality issues

Optimizes infrastructure and resource burdens by delivering trade and transaction reporting on a single platform

Deep Dive

Eligibility across multiple regimes in a user-friendly interface

Eligibility Dashboard

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Transparent user interface shows clear exception reasons with an auditable resolution

Exception Management Dashboard

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Diverse regime coverage —additional REGIME/TR end points added per request

Global Coverage Matrix

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