TIC-Tock, TIC-Tock: Managing the Countdown Process to Delivering TIC Reports

“TIC-Tock, TIC-Tock” arises from working with the financial services community involved in the world of reporting into the U.S. TIC System. The Service Level Expectations (SLE) concept and the SLE data-river process discussed in this paper can enable organizations to establish and enrich correct TIC data, enable smooth automated processing, significantly improve the accuracy of their TIC filings and, ultimately, achieve a stronger stance with regulators.

The Service Level Expectations (SLE) concept is the theme for AxiomSL’s new SLE Series — a means to share ideas and best practices on topics centering on the SLE approach: Delineating SLEs for each core data set defines the data-quality bar for a financial institution’s risk and regulatory reporting organization, enabling data veracity, interconnectivity, process improvement and insight across the enterprise.

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