Counting Down To The New Swap Rules for Broker-Dealers

AxiomSL and a panel of industry-leading experts peel back the impacts of the newly finalized Securities Based Swaps Rules in this webinar replay. After nearly 9 years, the SEC has finalized a sweeping set of changes to the way capital, margin and books and records are calculated and reported for Securities Based Swaps. The implications of these new regulations extend into many other asset classes as well, as Swaps are frequently used to hedge fixed income, ETFs, futures and others.

Counting Down To The New Swap Rules for Broker-Dealers featuring experts from FINRA, Deloitte, and AxiomSL.A fresh front to back perspective on how the complete inventory of instruments now needs to interact with each other is critical. The rules have defined swaps and their relationship to other securities products and enabled institutions to deploy new rules to recognize the risk mitigated offsets across instruments. Along with the complexity of the new computations now in play, institutions also need to prepare for enhanced reporting requirements and potentially challenging annual certification.

Bill Wollman, EVP – Risk Oversight and Operational Regulation at FINRA
Mike Jamroz, Retired Partner/Senior Advisor at Deloitte & Touche LLP
Bruce Runciman, Executive Director and U.S. Regulatory Reporting Solutions Subject Matter Expert at AxiomSL

Rochelle Pullman, Executive Director, Broker-Dealer Subject Matter Expert at AxiomSL


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