Subprocessor List

To support delivery of our services, AxiomSL Cloud Solutions, Inc. (or its affiliates) (“AxiomSL”) may engage and use data processors (each, a “Subprocessor”) to:

  1. host and process customer data (which may include personal data belonging to a customer’s clients) on the cloud infrastructure used to deploy AxiomSL’s cloud services (each, a “Cloud Subprocessor”), and
  2. process personal data controlled by a customer (excluding personal data belonging to a customer’s clients) outside of AxiomSL’s cloud services; for example, AxiomSL may use subprocessors to store the names and contact details of a customer’s personnel and authorized users in connection with its business relationship with a customer (each, a “Non-Cloud Subprocessor”).

This page provides information about the identity, location and role of each Subprocessor.

Third Parties

AxiomSL currently uses third party Subprocessors to provide cloud infrastructure and hosting services, for customer support and directory services, and to facilitate email notifications. AxiomSL uses a commercially reasonable diligence process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of its Subprocessors. AxiomSL enters into data processing agreements with each Subprocessor affirming its data privacy, security and confidentiality obligations. Subprocessors may operate directly or through affiliates.

Cloud Subprocessors

Entity Name Subprocessing Activities Entity Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud infrastructure & hosting provider United States, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom
Oracle America, Inc. Cloud infrastructure & hosting provider United States, Germany

Non-Cloud Subprocessors

The subprocessing activities of the Non-Cloud Subprocessors are limited to processing the personal data of AxiomSL’s customers’ personnel in connection with their use of AxiomSL services and/or the business relationship between AxiomSL and the customer. The Non-Cloud Subprocessors do not process any personal data belonging to a customer’s clients, unless such personal data is directly made available by the customer to AxiomSL (e.g., for support purposes).

Entity Name Subprocessing Activities Entity Country
Atlassian Pty Ltd. Cloud-based customer support services Australia
Iron Mountain, Inc. Self-hosted JIRA customer support services physically located on Iron Mountain servers in Edison, NJ United States
Microsoft Corporation Cloud-based support systems and directory services United States
LogsHero Ltd. Log management services Israel, Inc. CRM and customer communications United States

AxiomSL Affiliates

Certain AxiomSL affiliates may act as Subprocessors and may assist in or provide certain services to AxiomSL customers. The use of affiliates may depend on the location of a customer.

Entity Name Entity Country
Axiom Software Laboratories Inc. United States
AxiomSL Ltd. United Kingdom
AxiomSL Pte. Ltd. Singapore

AxiomSL may engage third parties or other AxiomSL affiliates to provide services other than data processing.

The list of Subprocessors above is subject to change from time to time. Please check this page for updates or contact your AxiomSL representative.

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