Solution Overview

This new burdensome filing requirement compels registered advisers to provide portfolio, performance and risk information about their funds. It is not surprising that fund managers are struggling to successfully scope, source, and aggregate and report the fund data to meet CPO-PQR requirements and to monitor systemic risk.

AxiomSL, global leader in regulatory reporting solutions and risk management for over 20 years, proposes a data-driven platform, which meets all filing requirements for Private Funds, Large Hedge Funds and Large Private Equity & Liquidity Funds in addressing all the steps of CPO-PQR from: scoping & sourcing client existing data structures, to aggregations, calculations, and validation rules to filing the schedules. This flexible and scalable solution with minimum in-house IT infrastructure addresses complex funds and extensive disclosures for investment advisers.

Robust data management and full interoperability with client infrastructure

AxiomSL CPO-PQR flexible technology provides a centralized platform to consistently identify, capture, and integrate information from various administrators and internal sources to prepare the CPO-PQR regulatory filing while enforcing controls to manage compliance risk. It provides analytical applications in the areas of data integration and warehousing, financial risk management, regulatory reporting, compliance, and financial control. It also provides a foundation that can rapidly be expanded to address future regulatory reporting requirements such as Form PF, Form SEC 13F or AIFMD.

  • Empowers clients with a cost-effective integrated platform, ensuring complete transparency with drill-down and audit trail, to successfully monitor risks and regulatory requirements.
  • Enables clients to view data and processes at every step and to consolidate all regulatory data reporting from disparate sources on a single platform.
  • Enables clients to leverage regulatory reporting data by populating both: CPO-PQR and Form PF on one platform;
  • Interfaces with fund managers’ existing data structure/ processes, eliminating the need for expensive customized programming.
  • Empowers fund managers to manage 100% of their regulatory reporting process; thus, removing manual process, redundant activities and reducing operational cost.

  • Dynamic dashboard which includes:
    • data sourcing, issues resolution and electronic submission;
    • status alerts for any unfinished sections that need to be completed prior to filing;
    • full transparency – drill down from report to original data sources;
    • multi-level sign off controls to enable management review of completed report;
  • Cloud or on site capability;
  • Data management capabilities with a robust data modeling and full interoperability with
    client infrastructure;
  • Interface with clients’ existing data sources;
  • Key indicators to monitor gap analysis and identify incidences of nonconformance;
  • Seamless integration of sources data models to Visual Business Rules, aggregation results
    and reports;
  • Complete workflow – for automated end to end processing;
  • Flexibility and scalability in merging clients’ data models;
  • Funds scoping and aggregating all RIAs’ funds, positions, etc.
  • Analytical, Exception & Custom Reporting and features to build additional management reports;
  • Complete audit trail of activity on the systems with time and date stamps and user name;
  • Input and output of validation check;
  • Fully controlled environment based on permissions and role;
  • Variance analysis and suite of variance reporting options;
  • When it will be allowed by NFA, – Electronically submission using FINRA XML schema.

    Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) and Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) are challenged by the depth and the complexity of the reporting data requirements to comply with the rules mandated by Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act. img_Dodd-Frank_chartThe Commodity Futures Trading Commission has adopted a new data collection and risk reporting rule that requires each commodity pool operator and commodity trading advisor that are registered or required to register with the CFTC to file Forms CPO-PQR and CTA-PR, respectively.

    The Release also rescinded CFTC Rule 4.13(a)(4), which provides an exemption from CPO registration to certain CPOs, including the managers of many hedge funds. As a result, such hedge fund managers may also become subject to the Form CPO-PQR and/or CTA-PR filing requirements.

    The new regulatory initiatives, whether it’s Form PF, CPO-PQR, Form SEC 13F or AIFMD, require investors and asset managers to meet new requirements for transparency, dynamic data, ad-hoc reporting capabilities for both print and on-line reporting.

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