Firm Data Submission Framework (FDSF)

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AxiomSL’s end-to-end Firm Data Submission Framework (FDSF) solution provides all of the data aggregation, impact calculation, report reconciliation and submission functionality needed to comply with the stress testing requirements mandated by the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ model means the same system can be used for all other regulatory reporting requirements, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of compliance.

FDSF: The requirements and challenges

The PRA has developed FDSF to provide quantitative, forward-looking assessments of the capital adequacy of the UK banking system and individual institutions within it. Banks in the UK are required to perform the stress tests to understand the impact of a series of shocks on their capital positions. They must submit detailed reports on the results to the regulator.

FDSF is likely to be managed by risk teams, which until now have focused on internal reporting and will need to upgrade their technical infrastructure to comply with external disclosure requirements. In order to execute FDSF accurately and effectively, banks must aggregate and reconcile granular data from multiple systems. They need robust calculation engines to run the stress tests and the ability to reconcile the results with data reported as part of other regulatory requirements. Finally, the reporting systems used must be able to generate files using the semantic models prescribed the PRA and must be flexible enough to accommodate changes to the requirements.

AxiomSL’s FDSF solution

AxiomSL’s end-to-end FDSF solution leverages a client’s existing data structure to quickly and accurately aggregate the required data from different lines of business. It reconciles the aggregated data back to the source data and structures it according to the semantic models defined by the PRA.

AxiomSL’s solution applies the stress scenarios to the aggregated data and calculates the impact of each scenario. This information can then be reported to the regulator. The scenario logic used in each case can be maintained and applied to other data, as required.

AxiomSL’s FDSF solution provides full traceability and drilldown capabilities, so that users can do detailed audits of their filings. The data required for FDSF is the same as that needed for Common Reporting (COREP) and Financial Reporting (FINREP). This means clients that use AxiomSL’s COREP/FINREP solution will already have access to all of the data they need to run FDSF stress tests.

As well as FDSF stress testing, AxiomSL’s solution can be used to comply with all other major reporting requirements in the UK and globally. This ‘one platform’ approach ensures consistency across reports submitted for different regulations and reduces the cost and complexity of compliance.

AxiomSL’s FDSF solution offers:

  • Longstanding relationships with regulators enable us to have fast-track resolution to any issues that arise.
  • Actively monitor all regulator communications ensuring that we have incorporated the most up-to-date information.
  • Our dedicated service centers perform updates as per the regulator’s requirements, including: cosmetic, formula, edit check, and electronic submission.
  • Updated forms are thoroughly tested for Quality Assurance on the same platform that our clients use, for seamless integration upon delivery.
  • Form deliveries are accompanied by comprehensive Release Notes detailing regulator prescribed changes and AxiomSL enhancements.
  • Receive template support and timely response and resolution to any client inquiries regarding the updates.


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