Refinitiv & AxiomSL Webinar Replay – Solving the Shareholding Disclosures Market Data Problem

Refinitiv & AxiomSL Webinar – Solving the Global Shareholding Disclosures Market Data Problem

For shareholding disclosures, the devil is in the market data details. Reference and market data such as shares outstanding, corporate actions, and country of incorporation are essential elements that investment management firms need to calculate shareholding thresholds and identify jurisdictional rules for processing securities.

But lack of access to a reliable market data source and an accompanying ability for automation are known stumbling blocks that impact the investment management community’s ability to comply with confidence.

Watch our webinar replay as we take an inside look at how Refinitiv and AxiomSL have partnered to engineer a solution that enables the automatic ingestion of reliable market data from Refinitiv’s DataScopeSelect into AxiomSL’s end-to-end transparent platform for global shareholding monitoring and reporting.


  • Harish Komalam Gopalakrishnan, Director, Corporate Actions & Shareholding Disclosure, Refinitiv
  • Gaurav Chandra, Shareholding Disclosures – Global Product Manager, AxiomSL
  • Moderator: Maria Ravelo, Director – PRS Product Management, Refinitiv


Watch our webinar replay on Solving the Global Shareholding Disclosures Market Data Problem:

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