SEC – requested comment on electronic Form ID filing and EDGAR access

March 1, 2021 – SEC requested comment on Form ID data collection, completed by institutions wishing to file electronically on Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, Retrieval system (EDGAR). Stated that the SEC may consider amendments to Form ID, detailed revised burden.

Form ID Description
Typically submitted for those required to make certain disclosures under federal securities laws. Data used to screen applicants requesting EDGAR access and is essential to EDGAR security. Submitted to receive EDGAR ID number, central index key (CIK), and access codes.

Form ID Revisions
Considered amendments for a more uniform and secure process for EDGAR access, by requiring certain applicants that already have a CIK, but do not currently have EDGAR access codes, to submit the Form ID in order to obtain access to EDGAR. Also, Form ID amendment to delete references to applicants that do not have CIKs. To clarify that Form ID required by applicants with CIKs but not EDGAR access codes. Other than the potential amendments to require certain applicants to submit the Form ID, SEC does not believe amendments to Form ID make any substantive modifications.

Comments on proposed Form ID and burden revisions due within 30 days of publication.

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