RUBA is replacing SURFI Taxonomy in 2021

April  20, 2020 -A new RUBA (Reporting Unifié des Banques et Assimilés) is a result of the changes introduced by European Central Bank (ECB) to the MFI balance sheet statistics, which requires enrichment of existing SURFI reporting and addition of a new monetary table, covering nearly 1,800 new data points. ACPR also uses this opportunity and aims to remove the redundancy statistics already collected under Anacredit, Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS) reporting.

The new RUBA reporting requirements are understood to be applicable for submission with reference dates from April 2021 onwards as stipulated under ECB and Banque de France communications. The Banque de France currently is expected to publish the final version of the Taxonomy in June 2020, however, it is possible that these dates may move due to the ongoing impact from COVID-19.

Changes to the existing SURFI reports are the following:

  • A new report M_CASHPLG is added to include Notional cash pooling loans
  • In the report TITRE_PTF – shares are reported with further breakdown by type (listed, unlisted and other participations)
  • The existing reports M_CLIENRE, M_CLIENnR, M_PENLIVR, CLIENT_RE, CLIENT_nR, PENS_LIVR, M_SITMENS are further enriched with a detailed information on deposits, accrued interest rates on deposits and loans
  • Additional data points added to the reports M_CLIENRE, M_CLIENnR, CLIENT_RE, CLIENT_nR, M_PENLIVR, PENS_LIVR, TITRE_PTF, M_CESSCRE which will specify resident insurance companies within insurance companies and pension funds
  • M_CREANCE columns are added to improve the collection of information on non-monetary UCITs
  • SITUATION is enriched with reporting of real estate details
  • Discount threshold M_CASHPOO is still under discussion


Regulator: Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR)  Jurisdictions affected: France

For more information please visit Banque de France.

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