Rethinking Global Shareholding Disclosures – “One Size Does Not Fit All” Rule Management, and Data Bottlenecks in Monitoring Your Holdings Webinar Replay

In this webinar, a team of experts will discuss how to rethink the data challenges around global shareholding disclosures (GSD) and tackle the market data problem head-on. And they will dive deep into the choppy seas of new rules changes and sensitive industries disclosures – surfacing challenges around rule interpretation/application, industry classification, and jurisdictional nuances.

Explore how rigid rule interpretations and a lack of data management can severely hamper your ability to generate accurate filings globally.

Anthony Gilsoul, Compliance Global – Head of Beneficial Ownership Reporting at AXA Investment Managers
Harish Komalam Gopalakrishnan, Director, Corporate Actions & Shareholding Disclosure at Refinitiv
Gaurav Chandra, Shareholding Disclosure – Global Product Manager at AxiomSL

Hopeton Lindo, Client Relationships – Asset Management at AxiomSL

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