AxiomSL Webcast: BCBS 239 – Requirements and Implications

Date: Friday 22nd Jan 2016
Time: 1:00 pm (Singapore, GMT+08:00)
Venue: Online – Webex

With BCBS 239 compliance commencing on 1 Jan 2016, the ask from banks for implementing effective risk data aggregation and addressing risk reporting requirements has been critical. Studies have shown that very few financial institutions are prepared to meet the demands, but all are expected to implement the BCBS 239 principles over the next few years.

BCBS 239 is a steep regulatory requirement demanding financial institutions to enhance risk management across functional siloes and address the increasing complexity of regulatory supervision and reporting. Implementing the BCBS 239 principles could benefit businesses operationally and economically by providing a more ‘intelligent’ view of risk and rewards, thus allowing for better decision making by senior management.

Are you interested in knowing more about BCBS 239, what it means for your bank and how to adapt your evolving infrastructure to meet these requirements?

Would you like to know more about optimizing your business solutions and technology architecture to achieve these principles?

Tune in to our webcast today where a team of subject matter experts from AxiomSL will deep dive into BCBS 239 and its implications. We will highlight the overarching requirements of BCBS 239 as well as demonstrate how AxiomSL solutions are able to help you meet these mandates.


  • Understanding BCBS 239
  • Interpreting and meeting the requirements
  • Using AxiomSL Solutions – an illustration of how to achieve these principles

To listen to a recording of the webcast, click on this link.

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