BdE publish notification on submission of FI_104 Report

July 20th, 2018

Today, the Banco de Espana published a notification on the submission format of the FI_104 report, effective from 30/09/2018, which is included in the RESERVE_M framework.

The FI104 is to come into force on 30/09/18 and the plan was to have this submitted using XBRL format. However, the BdE have not been able to complete the work around the validations and taxonomies for this report in XBRL. Therefore, even though it comes into force on the above date, it will effectively be the same file (format, reference codes etc.) as the current IND_M9 report.

Therefore, the banks will not have to realise any changes before 30/09 and a communication will be send by BdE once their XBRL work is complete and the new format needs to be sent. Currently the format is a plain text file submission

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