SFI Repealed Rules Requiring National Liquidity Reports

November 27th 2017

On November. 27, SFI repealed rules requiring national liquidity risk reports

Liquidity Risk – FFFS 2017:19

  • Repealed FFFS 2011:37 on reporting liquidity risks by credit and securities firms.
  • Regulation will be replaced by EU liquidity reporting under supervisory regulation.
  • As binding rules are implemented, there is no longer need for separate reporting.
  • Firms already leave tasks to SFI via EU reporting, so change consistent to others.

Liquidity Coverage, Cash – FFFS 2017: 20

  • Repealed FFFS 2012:6, liquidity coverage requirement, cash, equivalent reporting.
  • Replaced by directly applicable liquidity provision under EU supervisory regulation.
  • EU rules apply to credit, securities firms, in EC delegated act on liquidity coverage.
  • To ensure banks’ resilience to liquidity stress does not weaken from repeal of the
    current regulations, SFI will investigate any preventive measure which it can take.


  • Reporting ends Jan. 1, 2018, meaning last report be submitted by Dec. 31, 2017.


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