Banque de France published v. of COREP_SUBCON Taxonomy

June 14, 2016

The Banque de France (BDF) published today its updated COREP_SUBCON Taxonomy.

COREP_SUBCON enables the LCR and NSFR discounts on sub-consolidated basis to waive the application of liquidity requirements on an individual basis, according to Article 8 of the European No. 575/2013 Regulation (CRR).

For consolidated standard discounts use the entry points of the EBA: COREP_LCR_CON, COREP_LCR_DA, COREP_NSFR_CON and COREP_ALM_CON.

These entry points are identical to the entry points corresponding EBA taxonomies.

The taxonomy for COREP_SUBCON can be viewed here: //

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