AxiomSL Launches a New Solution Addressing SEA Rule 15c3-1 Net Capital Requirements for Brokers Dealers

Quick implementation providing full transparency and granularity in calculations and reporting process

New York – October 27, 2014 – AxiomSL, the global leader in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, announced today the launch of its new solution which computes haircuts in compliance with the SEC – US Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory capital and regulatory reporting rules for securities broker dealers. AxiomSL’s comprehensive solution assures transparency, traceability and auditability enabling securities broker dealers to source, calculate, analyze, and generate reports to meet compliance requirements of internal and external stakeholders.

AxiomSL provides a range of functionalities to empower respondents to meet the examination requirements of Rule 17a-5 while performing standardized capital computations including netting and optimization of capital. This includes determining the capital computation and referencing the applicable regulatory rule, identifying and defining data inputs required for each computation, and creating workflows to optimize (i.e. seek the lowest) capital haircuts with full traceability of data, rules, calculations and analysis.

“AxiomSL’s robust data-driven technology, with its pre-built and tested calculation engine, provides a flexible, transparent and auditable solution enabling securities broker dealers to meet evolving regulatory requirements and financial reporting. Our platform consolidates workflow processes and controls, reducing internal cost but most importantly, it can be deployed quickly and seamlessly across the firm.” said Alex Tsigutkin, CEO, AxiomSL.

AxiomSL’s platform interfaces with broker dealers’ existing data sources, without any conversion, which provides Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Financial and Operations Principals Officers (FINOPs), regulatory controllers and auditors with complete transparency over capital computations. This enables broker dealers to enhance compliance reporting efficiency while greatly reducing implementation time. By using AxiomSL’s strategic regulatory platform, institutions achieve economies of scale in meeting the requirements of the SEC Rule 15c3-1 while also addressing the regulatory mandates such as, FOCUS, Form SIS, TIC reports, Financial Statements, SEC Form 13F, as well as any other down-stream reports.

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About AxiomSL, Inc.:

AxiomSL is the global leader in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for the financial services industry. For two decades, AxiomSL empowers financial institutions to meet regulatory reporting and risk requirements across multiple regulators and jurisdictions. Via the strategic data-driven platform, firms can meet demands from various regulations, including Basel III, Dodd-Frank, AIFMD, FATCA, EMIR, FINREP/COREP and Solvency II, as well as liquidity, market and credit risk management requirements.

Leading financial firms use AxiomSL’s data management, regulatory reporting and risk management solutions to administer all internal data procedures, simplify, standardize and automate processes, and improve data integrity to successfully enhance decision making. The AxiomSL platform integrates clients’ source data from disparate systems and locations, without forcing data conversion, in a cost-effective manner, providing flexibility, transparency, traceability and the ability to drill down into data sources. It also delivers analytical applications in the areas of data integration and warehousing, financial risk management, regulatory reporting, compliance and financial control. This solution enables financial institutions to adapt quickly to evolving regulations and have full control over every step of the process.

AxiomSL’s suite delivers a fully integrated solution from data sourcing to final reports including XBRL submission.