AxiomSL wins CIOReview award

AxiomSL is proud to announce that we have been recognized by CIOReview Magazine as 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers of 2014. Alex Tsigutkin, CEO of AxiomSL comments on the recent achievement.

AxiomSL: Empowering Financial Institutions To Meet Regulatory Reporting and Risk Requirements

AxiomSL are proud to announce that CIOReview Magazine has recognized our firm as one of the top 100 vendors, strongest in Oracle technologies.

In the CIOReview’s most recent publication, AxiomSL was described as having shown in-depth expertise in delivering integrated and innovative technologies to streamline operations across the Oracle landscape, therefore at the forefront of tackling challenges associated with the Oracle ecosystem.

Alex Tsigutkin, CEO of AxiomSL, commented on the benefits AxiomSL’s approach can bring for other systems, by delivering a single, comprehensive regulatory and risk management platform.

The data integration in a central repository combined with a rule-based regulatory reporting solution for all compliance disclosures on a single strategic platform was a key winner for AxiomSL. Our integrated platform includes a complete workflow – for automated end-to-end processing – allowing for transparency and flexibility while increasing efficiencies and consistency across the numbers reported to regulators.

In a statement, Alex said, “We empower financial firms to meet existing requirements, scale to increasing market volume and adapt to changing market structures through our flexible and robust technology.”

Alex added, “We provide this technology to many of the top leading banks and systematically important financial institutions (SIFIs), which leverage Oracle’s offerings, placing them on the cutting edge of development.”

CIOReview Oracle 100 2014 - AxiomSL

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The Oracle Connection

Recently, AxiomSL was shortlisted for the Consolidated Audit Trail project (CAT). Through their partnership with Oracle along with CSC and the Miami Stock Exchange, AxiomSL demonstrated that they can meet the diverse challenges of creating a central data repository, which will track more than 58 billion records on a daily basis while delivering an audit trail. As a result of this structure and solution, regulators will be able to accurately monitor all activity throughout the U.S. markets more efficiently.

Recognizing the need for greater insight and transparency in the financial sector, the partnership with Oracle for the CAT bid will provide the database and selected application packages. AxiomSL’s proficiency in large-scale regulatory and compliance data ingestion, processing, and presentation readily translates to the fulfilment of data collection and collation regulatory requirements. CAT will benefit from AxiomSL’s proven record in assuring data integrity and transparency as CAT operations require that datasets be completely secure against permanent information loss, yet remain easily accessible to users.

Finding the Right Balance

In the present era, the main challenge amongst financial firms is finding the right balance between short-term, regulatory-driven tactical projects and building the foundation for mid- to long-term strategic technology architecture for regulatory and risk management requirements. To address growing industry-wide pain points, AxiomSL’s solutions driven approach is designed to meet the escalating requirements across multiple regulations and jurisdictions on one platform. Hence, going forward the firm’s solutions will continue to deliver the process, calculations and controls to empower firms with a cost effective strategic platform to monitor risk and reporting requirements.

If you would like to discuss how AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ can leverage your existing and future regulatory reporting programs, please contact: