AxiomSL Reporting Platform Meets Basel III Liquidity Requirements

Data-integrated, multi-jurisdictional calculation solution enables banks to comply with regulatory mandates

Press Release

New York – November 18, 2013: AxiomSL, a global provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, announced today its data-integrated reporting platform enables banks to meet Basel III liquidity requirements.

In the post-crises world, liquidity risk management has rightfully attained the centre-stage of every financial institution. Banks are increasingly looking to deploy more sophisticated methodology for managing their liquidity which goes beyond the traditional asset liability management (ALM) metrics. Furthermore, the demands of meeting the compliance requirements for liquidity risk under Basel III and its local variants, Capital Requirements Directive IV (CRD IV), has brought in a practical urgency into the whole process.

Banks face unique challenges when addressing liquidity risk requirements:

  • Ensuring that short term liquidity ratios are in sync with longer term stable funding and lending;
  • Addressing entity-level liquidity needs together with the consolidated group level
  • Meeting complex and evolving multi-jurisdiction reporting requirements (Japan Financial Service Agency (JFS), UK Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Australia Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), etc.)
  • Consolidating data originating from different formats, frequencies, scopes, treatments, processes and locations into a group level for calculation and stress testing
  • Having the flexibility to monitor liquidity through various dimensions
  • Generating liquidity reports with greater frequency and timeliness

With financial institutions gearing toward the new approach of liquidity risk measurement, the limitations of quick-fix and siloed approaches are becoming even more stark. AxiomSL’s liquidity solution enables banks to meet all the above challenges. Its data-driven, multi-jurisdiction platform provides highly configurable and customizable capabilities, such as rule-based calculations and aggregations. Additionally, the platform includes comprehensive drill-down functionality, allowing for a full audit-trail to the data sources. It has the flexible, built in logic which addresses the whole array of liquidity calculations, including Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) and monitoring tools. It caters for user-defined stress testing under multiple scenarios.

“With the cost of liquidity steadily increasing, it is critical that financial institutions create an environment where they have the flexibility to measure liquidity while setting up a solid foundation to address future regulatory changes,” said Alex Tsigutkin, CEO, AxiomSL. “Institutions are forced to adapt to new environments where functional richness has to combine with technological robustness for a quicker and more efficient decision-making and regulatory submissions. This congruence is critical for liquidity risk management and AxiomSL’s enterprise-wide platform provides a single unified framework to address the liquidity risk requirements, data loading, movement (cash-flow) generation, classifications and metrics calculations and reporting.”

AxiomSL’s platform also delivers reporting templates that complies with the regulatory requirements while meeting internal demands for decision making and providing eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), as regulators increasingly require transparency for submission of financial statements in XBRL format. Concurrently, AxiomSL’s collaborative reporting infrastructure allows for seamless integration of multiple systems data models without forcing expensive data transformation into common data formats. Our performance-tested liquidity solution ensures that financial institutions are able to process millions of records within an acceptable time-frame.

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About AxiomSL

AxiomSL is the global leader in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions for the financial services industry. Established more than 20 years ago, AxiomSL empowers financial institutions to meet regulatory reporting and risk requirements across multiple regulators and jurisdictions. Via the strategic data-driven platform, firms can meet demands from various regulations, including Basel III, Dodd-Frank, AIFMD, FATCA, FINREP/COREP and Solvency II, as well as liquidity, market and credit risk management requirements.

Leading financial firms use AxiomSL’s data management, regulatory reporting and risk management solutions to administer all internal data procedures, simplify, standardize and automate processes, and improve data integrity to successfully enhance decision making. The AxiomSL platform integrates clients’ source data from disparate systems and locations, without any data conversion, in a cost-effective manner, providing flexibility, transparency, traceability and the ability to drill down into data sources. It also delivers analytical applications in the areas of data integration and warehousing, financial risk management, regulatory reporting, compliance and financial control. This solution enables financial institutions to have full control over every step of the process and can adapt quickly to evolving regulations.

AxiomSL’s suite delivers a fully integrated solution from data sourcing to final reports including XBRL submission.