World leading Japanese financial institution selects AxiomSL strategic regulatory platform

Date: May 29, 2012
Location: New York

AxiomSL, leading global provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, was once again chosen by a global leader in financial services & investment banking with clients in over 30 countries. AxiomSL was selected for its fully integrated suite including IntegrationCenter™ for dynamic data management, Basel123™ for multi-jurisdictional capital adequacy calculations, and ControllerView® for multi-jurisdictional reporting. The new client will leverage AxiomSL’s Basel II & III standard calculations and regulatory reporting templates for both UK and Singapore. This will allow compliance with Basel III Capital Requirements Directive and deliver the harmonized Common Reporting (CoRep) templates in the UK.

AxiomSL’s success in penetrating the largest investments banks in the world derives from its bottom-up data management methodology, which allows the regulatory suite to interface with clients’ existing architectures by leveraging their data models without converting to a proprietary reporting data structure. This approach will enable the client to comply concurrently with regulatory jurisdictions in the UK and Singapore on a single, consolidated platform and with a single technical team.

AxiomSL’s extensive Basel III calculation engine includes a sophisticated capital adequacy and liquidity reporting platform. It is equipped with flexible Basel standard calculation templates, which ensure ongoing compliance with the FSA and MAS comprehensive Basel regulations. AxiomSL’s seamless solutions provide a transparent link between the client’s source data and the standard calculations easily merging client’s worldwide heterogeneous data into Basel calculations to supply a genuine global capital adequacy platform.

“In this business environment, which continues to be laden with a myriad of new regulations, our clients are faced with an increased burden on the regulatory function,” indicated Alex Tsigutkin, AxiomSL’s CEO. “Our role is to empower our clients with a cost-effective operational platform to master the challenge of more complex and more tightly regulated financial markets while monitoring risks and regulatory requirements in a stringent compliance environment.”

“CoRep aggressive deadline compels our client with a UK division to report thousands of extra risk and capital data-points at the end of the first quarter 2013”, says David Attenborough, Manager at AxiomSL UK “AxiomSL’s CoRep templates will be delivered in draft version in our ControllerView® platform to our clients in June 2012. This will allow our clients to understand the full scope being required by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and to conduct gap analysis using the platform itself. This technology combined with a proactive regulatory reporting know-how across worldwide jurisdictions ensures that compliance monitoring is always up-to-date.”

About AxiomSL

AxiomSL is a leader in software solutions for enterprise Risk Management, Data Management, Regulatory Reporting and Compliance. AxiomSL’s proven technological platform solves the highly complex data, risk and financial management challenges faced by the world’s leading financial institutions. AxiomSL’s products help clients deal with the dynamics of business and technology changes, adapting to different data and technical environments, allowing mission critical activities to be performed across the entire enterprise. AxiomSL’s professionals cover a range of disciplines, including risk management, database and middleware technology, financial control and regulatory reporting.