AxiomSL Expands its Regulatory Templates Maintenance Service

Date: April 28, 2009
Location: New York

Given the current economic conditions created by the financial crisis, the Financial Industry is facing increasing scrutiny from Regulators. Institutions are now required to adapt many changes within their regulatory reporting process and infrastructure at a much faster pace.

To cope with the increase in regulations, AxiomSL’s extends its Template Subscription Service to cover Forms, Reporting Structures and Reporting Intelligence to ensure timely delivery and integration of the changes mandated by regulatory agencies, providing clients with sufficient time to market.

AxiomSL will continue to provide its clients the capability to generate any previous version of the reports and to run it against the same set of data. This is an extremely important benefit and a feature that allows users to compare results of current vs. newly issued requirements from regulators.

AxiomSL’s Templates Subscription Services are provided alongside ControllerView®, AxiomSL’s regulatory package to guarantee that users keep their reports up-to-date with new regulatory requirements across all reporting jurisdictions. This service is provided by AxiomSL’s services team which has, besides its expertise in the regulatory field, a thorough understanding of clients’ operations and how they can be impacted by new requirements. The team maintains constant communication with regulators and monitor upcoming changes to ensure AxiomSL’s clients remain compliant and submit new reports in a timely fashion.

“We are happy to provide our existing and future clients with a service that eases the burden of a constantly changing regulatory environment, which is based on best practice experience and know-how of our team, says Alex Tsigutkin, AxiomSL’ CEO. The Templates Subscription Services coupled with the flexibility, accuracy and performance of our technology empower our user community with the most advanced solution to achieve transparency in Financial Reporting”.