AxiomSL Extends its New Version of IntegrationCenter 9.0 as a Dynamic Platform for Market, Credit and Operational Risks for use with Third Party Risk Management Systems

Date: April 16, 2001
Location: New York

AxiomSL, a leading provider of Enterprise Data and Risk Management solutions, announced today the release of IntegrationCenter™ version 9.0. This newest version opens and extends AxiomSL’s data management, delivery and storage technology to a broader range of business users.

IntegrationCenter™ version 9.0 is a data management system that is database and application independent. It now gives customers a simple, flexible and effective way to implement integration, management, delivery and storage of all data sources across the enterprise for use with any risk management and decision support applications.

Global institutions with dynamic risk management and financial reporting requirements can now have the benefits of AxiomSL’s expertise and 12 years of experience in dynamic data management and warehousing technology. Any company with enterprise-wide Risk Management Systems, either acquired from the third party or developed in-house, can immediately take advantage of IntegrationCenter’s capability to seamlessly adapt to diverse external data models using dynamic API. This technology dramatically reduces the resources needed to respond to the needs of evolving fast paced operations, changes in business conditions and regulatory requirements. Companies planning to embark on a complex risk management technology installation project can significantly speed up their implementation while, at the same time, improving controls and operational efficiency.

AxiomSL’s IntegrationCenter™ is designed to give financial institutions and energy companies a sophisticated yet simple tool for advanced, high performance data delivery, integration and storage. It also provides an application for flexible data aggregation and complex portfolio construction on any level of source data granularity.

IntegrationCenter™ answers the challenges of access, administration and warehousing of Market, Operational, Static, and Transactional data with its integration to surrounding applications. With Java client and component-based architecture, IntegrationCenter™ can operate on both a stand-alone or Internet/Intranet distributed basis.

“We believe the risk management market place is now ready to make the relatively small investment in an infrastructure tool like our IntegrationCenter™”, says Alex Tsigutkin, AxiomSL’s CEO, “after many hard lessons trying to implement and live with complex analytical systems that don’t have a resident data management capability. This is especially true, in view of the New Basel Accord for Capital Adequacy, which calls for significant improvements in data management controls for consolidating Market, Credit and Operational Risks.”

Our clients, piloting this new technology, have resolved the key issues of data access, real-time integration of multiple systems, risk parameters mapping, analysis and accumulation of risk calculation results, data aggregation and reporting. With IntegrationCenter™, clients with existing risk management technologies can also get additional capabilities including trend analysis, back testing, statistical results comparison, stress testing, synthetic portfolio aggregations, risk limits, and seamless introduction of new instruments.