APAC CIO Outlook – Top 25 FinTech Companies 2017

December 27, 2017

AxiomSL is proud to announce that we have been recognized by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 25 FinTech Companies of 2017.

Regulatory compliance and the management of data to achieve regulatory compliance has significantly shifted from the traditional form-filling and submission task to a critical compliance supervision activity. Aiding financial institutions consistently and uninterruptedly propel through this wave of change in data management and regulatory compliance requirements is New York headquartered firm AxiomSL. With an extensive suite of solutions ranging from regulatory reporting, risk, liquidity, and capital analytics all hosted on a single enterprise data management platform, AxiomSL delivers the requisite technology and industry expertise for financial institutions to address their critical regulatory and risk objectives.

“Over the past 26 years, AxiomSL’s database agnostic platform has been helping financial institutions gather data across multiple entities before applying complex aggregation, calculation, and enrichment processes to ensure that firms meet their multi-jurisdictional regulatory reporting needs,” says Peter Tierney, AxiomSL’s CEO for the APAC region.

AxiomSL’s strategic enterprise data management platform helps firms effectively address today’s regulatory compliance requirements, while laying a strong foundation for navigating tomorrow’s evolving regulatory landscape. Its forward-looking solutions have been employed by major financial institutions across the world.

An example is the APAC headquarters of a leading French multinational bank which had selected AxiomSL for its robust data management platform in order to tackle regulatory reporting needs in Singapore and Hong Kong. The data agnostic platform and “no black box” concepts offer the bank the flexibility and transparency they were looking for. AxiomSL’s solution not only reduced the banks’ compliance burden, it allowed the bank’s finance team to shift its focus from compliance reporting to financial and business analysis thus creating greater value for the bank as a whole. The bank’s finance IT team is now able to better manage, maintain, adapt, and adjust to the changes happening within their bank.

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