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Trust in banks’ data declines as anxiety over upcoming regulations increases

20 August 2018 Three-quarters of financial services executives in the Asia Pacific are concerned about upcoming regulations and what they mean for data quality and management, according to an annual survey of senior-level risk and regulatory executives conducted by RegTech firm AxiomSL. Anxiety over financial firms’ ability to comply with incoming regulations is on the […]

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Regulators bristle at slow progress on BCBS 239 By Steve Marlin 18 July 2018 Article reports that regulators are growing impatient with the industry’s slow pace in adopting the risk-data aggregation and reporting principles under BCBS 239, with only three of 30 banks passing the Basel Committee’s most recent compliance tests. Non-compliant banks now face capital add-ons and restrictions on their business […]

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AI Wide Open: The Risk Technology Awards 2018 highlight how new technologies are bringing recognition for vendors

12 July 2018 Artificial intelligence and machine learning are finding new homes in finance. Although some hedge funds and specialised teams have applied these techniques – some of which were developed in the 1950s and 60s – to market analysis and trading for a while, they are now appearing in a broader spectrum of applications. […]

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MAS 610 to be “cornerstone” of future regulatory data submissions

10 July 2018 The overhaul of MAS 610 is set to become the “cornerstone” of further submissions to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), as future regulatory reports are likely to require data similar to that demanded by the updated standards, according to a regulations expert from PwC. The Monetary Authority of Singapore commenced the […]

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AxiomSL Announces Completion of Open Taxonomy to Streamline MAS 610 Compliance

By Manesh Samtani, Regulation Asia Published on 9th July 2018 Industry initiative has condensed over 300,000 data points required by MAS 610 into 1,000 re-useable business concepts, simplifying and streamlining compliance with the reporting mandate. AxiomSL has completed the launch of its Open Taxonomy project, an industry initiative which sought to simplify and streamline compliance […]

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PRA110: Now is the time to act

By Wissam El-Zeenni, Product Manager, AxiomSL EMEA 25 June 2018 The financial crisis was, in effect, a crisis of liquidity: huge flaws in the financial system were exposed and so liquidity all but dried out. In the years following, regulators have sought to embed tests and requirements in the financial sector that enable them to […]

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US deregulation “a factor” in regtech deal slowdown

June 15, 2018 Despite a general trend towards deregulation, the changes to the de minimis threshold are unlikely to have a major impact on the regtech industry, explains Bruce Runciman, executive director at AxiomSL, a provider of regulatory and risk management solutions for the financial services sector. For smaller firms sitting under the threshold, although […]

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Compliance in the Age of Big Data with Alexander Tsigutkin and Varun Singhal

June 12, 2018 Forget the 1850’s California and Alaska gold rushes; today’s hot commodity is data. Today, Tom talks with AxiomSL’s CEO Alexander Tsigutkin and Senior Vice President of Project Management Varun Singhal about data analysis and reporting in the age of Big Data and how their new Controllerview® tool can help financial institutions keep […]

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The banking industry is asking us for help with regulatory change

Banca15 By José María Lanseros 18 May 2018 INTERVIEWS | ROBERT QUINN, SENIOR MANAGER OF AXIOMSL IBERIA The banking industry is spending a lot of time and effort over mandatory, highly demanding regulations. Companies like AxiomSL help to ensure that financial institutions work at what they know best: banking, while this regulatory reporting platform deals […]

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AnaCredit: Key Challenges Demand a Strategic Approach

IT Finanzmagazin By Abhishek Awasthi, Product Manager, AxiomSL EMEA May 9, 2018 Article by Abhishek Awasthi, Product Manager at AxiomSL EMEA, in IT Finanzmagazin discussing the challenges that the European Central Bank’s (ECB) analytical credit dataset regulation (AnaCredit) is posing to the banking industry as the September deadline approaches for these institutions to complete their […]