Replacing CME NEX Abide or Deutsche Börse: There Is A Mountain To Climb, And AxiomSL Can Get You To The Summit

The CME recently announced the November 2020 closure of its CME NEX Abide Regulatory Reporting and Trade Repository/Approved Reporting Mechanism. In the current environment of market volatility, COVID-19 disruptions, and overly taxed resources, we know counterparties are struggling with the challenge of adopting a CME NEX Abide replacement.
If you choose the AxiomSL ControllerView® data integrity platform for your reporting needs, we are committed to enabling a seamless transition to our reporting hub — deployable on AxiomSL’s secure RegCloud®.

  • We use your CME Abide data submission files, minimizing your operational impact
  • We deliver a secure platform capable of handling all your regulatory reporting needs in one place

Efficient, Trusted, Transparent
Why AxiomSL’s Secure RegCloud Is The Replacement For CME NEX Abide Hub

AxiomSL enables switching over your existing CME NEX Abide hub to our efficient, trusted, and transparent solution. Deployed on AxiomSL’s secure RegCloud, the platform offers key benefits, including:

  • Regime agnostic exception management
    • Supports Dodd Frank, EMIR, FinfraG, MAS, MiFID, REMIT and SFTR regimes
    • Accommodates users’ APA/ARM of choice
  • Data quality issues raised as exceptions for resolution
    • Provides clear exception management dashboards and historical submissions access
    • Delivers comprehensive and dynamic data lineage for full transparency
  • Exception resolution allows for manual corrections and re-validation
    • Corrects data quality issues with complete transparency
    • Re-executes validation to resolve data quality issues for successful resubmission
  • Reconciliation issues flagged as exceptions
    • Tracks exception resolution and records actions on the dashboards
  • ControllerView platform provides an analysis of previous submissions
    • Improves upstream data quality
    • Delivers more successful submission rates and fewer reconciliation issues with improved upstream data quality

To Replace CME NEX Abide and Discuss Your Challenges with AxiomSL, Contact Us:

Amid Concerns, Ensuring A Secure, Cost-Effective Transition

Client data files are encrypted before Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to our ControllerView platform running on AxiomSL’s RegCloud. This is the highly secure, fully managed platform that will replace your CME NEX Abide. AxiomSL’s RegCloud delivers highly secure, fully managed, cost effective deployment and features:

  • A fully managed platform, with data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Dedicated, single-tenant customer environments
  • Data residing and remaining in-region
  • IaC utilization for global standardization
  • ISO 27001 and 27017 certifications; SOC 2 Type II attestation
  • AxiomSL’s unique knowledge and economies of scale deliver optimal security and performance at a reasonable cost

AxiomSL’s Expertise And Experience Support You

Our non-invasive approach to data management means seamless data ingestion, thus, onboarding AxiomSL’s solution, including testing, can typically occur within weeks. AxiomSL’s proven track record with onboarding clients facing similar challenges means you can be confident that you will achieve your regulatory commitments. We deliver an efficient and reliable approach to data management and regulatory reporting and bring over 25 years of experience to the implementation process. With AxiomSL’s proven technology, organizations can quickly replace CME NEX Abide and be prepared for future challenges.

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