Regulatory risks are no longer just about the ability to comply

Regulatory risks are no longer just about the ability to comply

CEO of AxiomSL, Alex Tsigutkin, talks about the two panels he will speak on at Sibo

Regulatory risks are no longer about the ability to comply, but the ability to keep abrest of and juggle the needs of different regulators, according to CEO of AxiomSL Alex Tsigutkin.

Tsigutkin outlines his take on the two panels that he will sit on at Sibos, which will discuss what firms can do to keep up with the quickly changing environment.

“Regulatory risks are no longer just about the ability to comply – it is the ability to meet the requirements of a multitude of regulators while keeping up with the pace of change,” said Tsigutkin.

“The common trend among all these regulations is the drive for increased transparency, data integrity and a new level of granularity required to meet all filing requirements for hedge funds, private equity firms and other funds.”

As chief information officers, chief information security officers, and IT compliance managers battle increasingly complex and costly compliance issues, they need a better way to ensure that the data on all the necessary forms contains the same accurate numbers.

“It is critical that alternative investment fund managers implement a strategic, data-driven platform to scope and source their existing data structures, without forcing data conversion and can aggregate, calculate and validate rules to filing the schedules,” added Tsigutkin.

“This approach empowers fund managers with a cost effective platform to monitor risk and reporting requirements.”

Tsigutkin’s Sibos sessions, titled Best Practices to meet Evolving Regulatory Requirements Across Multiple Jurisdictions and Building a Strategic Regulatory Platform and Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Cost Effective Solution will touch on key pain points and how to manage functions such as data management, automation versus manual processes, transparency, reconciliation and the convergence of various regulations.

Credit: Global Investor Magazine

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