Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Data-driven platform enables financial institutions to successfully comply with a multitude of regulatory mandates while delivering trustworthy data

Total Assets
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of Ownership

Delivering over 5,000 Risk and Regulatory Reports,
across 55 Jurisdictions and 110 Regulators

AxiomSL brings a 30 year track record of delivering successful risk and regulatory reporting client implementations

Regulatory Reporting Automation

AxiomSL Icon Out of the
Out of the Box

End-to-end framework necessary for the automation of each report

AxiomSL Icon Intelligence

Edit Checks, Validation Rules, Intra-series and Inter-series checks to ensure accuracy of information being submitted

AxiomSL Icon Submission

Direct submissions to any Regulatory Agency across multiple reporting formats including XBRL, XML, TEXT, and Spreadsheets

AxiomSL Icon Audit Defense rev
Audit Defense

Data persistence and lineage enabled drill downs with complete transparency of all data enrichments and aggregations

AxiomSL Icon Manage Change
Manage Change

Direct communication with regulators keeps us ahead of upcoming changes, while issuing timely updates. Our modular architecture enables on-boarding new regulations in a seamless manner

Regulatory Reporting Features

AxiomSL - Regualtory Reporting FR Y-9C Drilldown

Regulator Prescribed Validation Rules

Attestation Framework

Cross Report Reconciliation

Period on Period Variance Analysis

Full audit Trail of all changes made

Freeze report results after final submission

End to End Transparency and Control

AxiomSL Icon Live Drill Down

Live Drill Down

Easily Conduct Analysis using Live Drill Down Functionality while having Complete Transparency throughout the Process

AxiomSL Icon Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Data Lineage Functionality Captures and Visualizes Data Sources, Business Logic and Workflows

AxiomSL Icon Versioning


Versioning and Preservation of Data and Metadata, Business Logic and Entire Workflow Process

The Future-Proof Risk & Regulatory Reporting Platform

AxiomSL Icon Native Data Sourcing

Native Data Sourcing

Ingest from any source of data, repository or ETL technology. Automatically keep track of Data Lineage. Prepare data for enrichment.

AxiomSL Icon Bespoke Data Dictionaries

Bespoke Data Dictionaries

Leverage collective knowledge of the industry through extensible dictionaries. Capital, Liquidity, Credit, Deposit Guarantee Schemes, Shareholder Ownership, Trade Reporting and Tax.

AxiomSL Icon Adaptive


Our technology enables your company to develop tactical responses to immediate regulatory and business demands, while simultaneously building your strategic state architecture.

AxiomSL Icon Up To Date

Up To Date

Direct communication with regulators keeps us ahead of upcoming changes, while issuing timely updates. Our modular architecture enables on-boarding new regulations seamless.

AxiomSL Icon Visual Business Rules rev

Visual Business Rules

The No Code experience to implementing Boolean logic. Non disruptive adaptation to new regulatory reports.

AxiomSL Icon Attestation and Submissions

Attestation and Submissions

Implement operational processes to sign-off and attest across multiple lines of business. Preservation of all intermediary and submitted data for audit defense.

AxiomSL Icon on Site Cloud


Clients can choose to deploy on AxiomSL’s cloud platform or their own virtual private cloud. AxiomSL has been recognized for Exemplary Information Security Practices with ISO 27001 Certification.

AxiomSL Icon Friendly


Visual Business Rules functionality enables you to manage business logic. Easily adapt to new regulatory requirements and business changes without programming skills.

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Regulatory Reporting Solutions

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