AxiomSL’s regulatory reporting and risk management solutions empowers banks, asset managers and insurers with the tools they need to manage financial, risk and operational requirements, as well as to comply with regulatory calculation and disclosure mandates both within Singapore and around the world.

AxiomSL’s award winning enterprise regulatory reporting software that is platform agnostic with the ability to integrate raw data from disparate sources is helping banks in Singapore deliver their MAS reporting requirements, especially in accordance to the MAS 610/1003 and 649 requirements. Our solution also supports the XFDF format required for submission to MASNET, allowing banks to upload files generated though the AxiomSL software directly onto the regulator’s submission platform without the need for any further manual conversion.

With the upcoming revision to the MAS610/1003 reporting requirements that will see a significant increase in the type and quality of information required, the AxiomSL reporting solution is able to not only provide clients with a transparent and scalable platform, but more importantly a cost effective solution that minimizes operational risks. The AxiomSL solution interfacing has enabled business users to reduce burdening IT users and also enhanced MIS reporting that directly impacts and improves productivity.

AxiomSL’s solutions are built on the same adaptable, high-performance platform which supports all electronic submission formats. The sophisticated XBRL functionality of our award winning integrated platform includes the ability to maintain multiple taxonomy versions, making it easier for clients to derive reporting efficiencies while retaining data slicing and dicing capabilities further enabling them to meet and manage cross-jurisdictional reporting requirements in the most cost effective manner.