Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) 110

Provides a holistic liquidity ecosystem that empowers FIs to use their trusted liquidity data to deliver PRA 110 and meet Basel-driven mandates


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Increased Granularity and Frequency

As of July 2019, banks in the UK started complying with the Prudential Regulation Authority’s PRA 110 liquidity framework which is more granular and requires more frequent reporting than previous liquidity reporting requirements.


PRA 110 requires financial institutions to:

  • Deliver liquidity risk and a strategic view of banks’ portfolios in the banking and trading books

  • Monitor and report on liquidity cashflow mismatches accurately on a daily basis

Questions to Consider

  • Do we have a solution to analyze market and funding liquidity for our retail and wholesale portfolios?
  • As a smaller firm, do we have the resources on a monthly basis with a 15-day remittance period?
  • Are we able to report at individual and consolidated levels, including at ring-fenced entities?
  • Have we thought of how to integrate PRA 110 with our stress-testing framework?

  • As large financial institution, are we prepared to report PRA 110 on a weekly basis with a one-day remittance period?
  • In a period of economic or market stress do we have the capability to report on a daily or weekly basis, with a one-day remittance period?
  • Do we have the automation to calculate hundreds of rows by over one hundred columns?


Holistic Liquidity Ecosystem

Part of AxiomSL’s holistic liquidity ecosystem, the PRA 110 solution running on AxiomSL’s ControllerView data integrity and control platform empowers FIs to use their trusted liquidity data to deliver PRA 110.

Full Transparency & Control

AxiomSL’s flexible, integrated, data-driven platform delivers an end-to-end automated solution for liquidity risk management and regulatory reporting for financial institutions to meet Basel’s Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 liquidity requirements while ensuring full transparency and control.

Monitor Risk

Unique in providing users with the ability to drill down, automate workflows, and review reports to original data sources, AxiomSL’s solution empowers clients to successfully monitor risk and eliminate errors that can often occur through manual processes.

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AxiomSL’s Liquidity Risk Management Ecosystem

Use trusted liquidity data to deliver PRA 110 to the Federal Reserve while deriving analytic benefits for the firm.

AxiomSL’s Liquidity Risk Management Ecosystem

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Strategic data-driven solution with complete transparency, drilldown, and clear audit trail which interfaces with existing business systems and processes

Ability to utilize a unified liquidity data model covering LCR, NSFR, and AMM, ensuring full reconciliation and elimination of duplicate processes

Fully integrated cashflow engine covering contractual and behavioral cashflows

Control of the entire liquidity risk management process, from data sourcing to reporting, including XBRL submission

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), ongoing maintenance, and increased operational efficiency

Dashboards provide insight into variance and trend analysis

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