Positions from jurisdictions far, far away…

February 22, 2018 –

Global financial institutions struggling to report against complex global shareholding disclosure requirements, hear the echo of a lone question, “Have we missed any reportable positions?” There are more than 90 jurisdictions to monitor and factor in. Each has distinct requirements around identifying in-scope holdings, monitoring levels, thresholds and triggers, requisite forms and deadlines to monitor and report participation in relevant issuers. Finding, organizing and reporting out the position data is onerous. It is tough to be confident. For many, the question remains a nagging concern, “Have we missed any reportable positions?”

Unwelcome news…

Unfortunately, when an answer comes, “You missed,” it likely will arise from a jurisdiction far, far away — from your awareness. The unwelcome news may be accompanied by a hefty fine for lack of compliance. Supervisory regimes have grown harsher. With AxiomSL’s Global Shareholding Disclosures (GSD) solution, you can bring all 90+ jurisdictions right onto your radar…

AxiomSL’s flexible end-to-end GSD solution addresses your concerns by delivering trustworthy information about your positions and transactions across multiple jurisdictions. The solution provides detailed rules, a monitoring engine, data/process governance and a robust automated reporting structure that enables FIs to remain fully compliant with shareholding disclosure requirements and transparency directives — globally. The GSD solution leverages AOsphere’s up-to-date and comprehensive legal memo directory that describes the jurisdictional rules and regulations for 90+ countries. An affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP, leaders in legal risk management, AOsphere provides AxiomSL’s GSD solution with local rules and regulations concerning reporting for Beneficial Interests, Short Selling and Takeover Panel. Find out more about AxiomSL’s cutting-edge platform that enables compliance with GSD requirements. And, remember, you can leverage the solution’s one-platform architecture to meet other regulatory requirements such as Trade and Transaction Reporting, SEC 13F and many more mandates.

Please contact: Bruce Runciman at brunciman@axiomsl.com or by phone at +1212 248 4188 X 120


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