Platform Overview

AxiomSL, a global leader in regulatory compliance and risk management solutions for over 20 years, is distinguished for its data-driven platform, which stores and integrates final and intermediate results with source data, enabling unrivaled transparency and drill down capabilities. Clients are one click away from viewing “How was this number calculated?”, and another click from “What was the source data used to calculate this number?” and the last click for risk vector.

RiskMonitor® empowers financial institutions (buy and sell side) to perform the standard and some advanced methodologies of market, credit and liquidity risk calculations. It covers all asset classes, instruments and commodity contracts. The architecture of Risk Versions™ allows multiple users to perform their work, while providing complete data consistency and transparency.

AxiomSL’s integrated approach consolidates data from various core financial and risk applications without any data conversion, driving for greater efficiency and leveraging on existing systems and processes. This single platform manages the risks associated with dynamic change, provides flexibility across complex operations, and delivers consistency in risk management and financial reporting through a harmonized reporting and analysis process.

  • Provides a fully integrated solution from data sourcing to final reports
  • Enriches existing data and process to enhance efficiency and enables complete transparency and visibility to any level of granularity
  • Interfaces with clients’ data from multiple and disparate systems removing vendor dependency, redundant activities and reducing operational procedure, thus saving time and money.
  • AxiomSL provides subject matter experts with extensive track records in responding to complex business environments to successfully implement and test the solution and interpret results.


RiskMonitor®’s patented new portfolio decision support module allows investment portfolio managers to not only optimize the risk/return characteristics of their portfolios, but to also gauge the portfolio and positions’ return performance expectations around benchmark return experience.

RiskMonitor® configures quickly, intuitively and securely to operate within each client’s policy and operational requirements, from data gap/error resolution to method hierarchies to results/alerts routing, plus fail/restore procedures.

RiskMonitor® provides multidimensional analysis capability via disaggregation of a whole portfolio risks and exposures into those of its components to the lowest level of granularity of position and risk factor.

RiskMonitor® employs a vast array of intuitive interfaces. Each screen is equipped with filters and viewing management tools that enable pages to be viewed according each user’s preference, and then bookmarked for convenient continuous access.

For Credit Risk, RiskMonitor® calculates current and potential future net and gross exposures, based on user-defined parameters and flexible term structures, which may be specified for all instruments within the firm along any user-defined portfolio dimensions and drill down paths.

RiskMonitor® includes the capability for handling aggregations based upon various netting agreements, collateral and guarantees.

Credit Ratings, default and recovery statistics can be incorporated to measure expected and “confidence level” credit losses to produce Unexpected Credit losses and Economic Credit Capital measures.


RiskMonitor® includes a Utility toolkit for the configuration, automated calculation and storage of user-defined yield curves and options volatility grids that can be used for position revaluations and risk measures for clients who don’t have a source of risk factor time series, such as zero coupon yield curves and implied volatility surfaces.

RiskMonitor® includes a powerful Risk Limit Control sub-system, which allows the user to set limits on any measures (market and credit risk exposures, positions, market values, etc). Limits can be set up to monitor risks by book, trader, country, counterparty, business line, product, or other user-defined criteria.

Our Risk Limit Control Subsystem alerts users before limits are reached. The capacity to drill down through multiple levels of limits allows you to thoroughly examine your data down to the transactional or position level, and to quickly pinpoint the source of limit usage.

RiskMonitor® provides functional support for the measurement of initial and maintenance margin calculations and downstream reporting and work flow for individual transactions, portfolios using VAR and TIMMS methodologies and transaction clusters for “Strategies”.

Management and Regulatory reporting is an inherent part of the system’s functionality. The on-line reporting facility creates complete reports (standard or customized) whether on-screen or hard-copy formats at any level of disaggregation.

RiskMonitor® is database-independent and operates on virtually any platform including Unix, Linux and Windows.

In today’s economy, leaders of financial institutions are faced with a myriad of challenges from finding new and better ways to increase revenues, maintaining necessary capital ratios, mitigating risks, improving margins and enhancing efficiency, all while navigating through the complexity of new regulatory changes and compliance issues.

Managing multiple financial products across borders plus optimizing internal processes and meeting external regulations require a high performance data management architecture and an integrated approach. AxiomSL’s data-driven solution delivers best practice processes for collection, control, risk measurement and storage of data. It also provides exhaustive analysis, and embeds regulatory compliance processes to respond quickly to data adjustments, new products and new regulations.

AxiomSL’s RiskMonitor® solution meets the latest and ongoing regulatory reforms. It gives valuable actionable insights for risk takers, not just risk managers. RiskMonitor®’s integratedplatform enables clients to automate and streamline business operations while optimizing processes, systems, data enrichment and transparency to enhance decision-making and reduce operational costs.

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