Tactical and Strategic Response to Regulatory and Business Change

Our technology combined with client’s existing data management tools enables financial institutions to develop tactical responses to immediate regulatory and business demands, while building a strategic infrastructure that can adapt as the operational environment evolves over the long term.

IntegrationCenter™ and DDW™ in conjunction with ControllerView® deliver the foundation to ensure data accuracy, data completeness, data lineage and adaptability that enable banks to meet stringent requirements on risk data aggregation and reporting. AxiomSL’s data governance functionality provides the necessary data granularity across multiple business functions.

AxiomSL | Dynamic Data WarehouseTM & Integration CenterTM

AxiomSL’s platform creates a collaborative environment among risk, finance, operations and compliance entities to manage data attributes and deliver a high standard of data quality.

Preserve your Existing Infrastructure

Interface with all Source Systems

DDW/IC will interface with any internal repository or external service to access transactional, position, cash flow, market, reference or analytical data.

No Data Transformation Required

Front, middle or back office data is accepted in the native format of the source systems, including Excel, text, XML, XBRL or other file types. Data does not have to be transformed before input to DDW/IC.

Preserves IT Investment

Clients can continue to use established data warehouses and extract, load and transform (ETL) tools for collecting and managing source data, thus preserving the value of existing data management assets.

Full ETL Capabilities

DDW/IC is able to provide a full range of ETL, data warehousing and data management capabilities to meet new regulatory or business requirements.

Meet all Regulatory Specifications

Today’s regulatory regimes frequently demand specific data formats, historical and audit information. Where the client’s systems do not already comply, DDW/IC can clean, enrich, extend and model data to conform to regulatory specifications.

Support for Full Data History

Regulation such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act demands the retention of certain data for much longer than was traditionally required. DDW/IC can store and manage whatever history of data is required for compliance.

Robust & Comprehensive Features

Seamless Integration through Flexible Data Management

Flexible & Easy to Use

Visual Data Modelling and Business Rules

AxiomSL’s pioneering Visual Business Rules tool enables users to easily define data hierarchies and workflow processes without the need for programming skills.

Adaptability to New Rules

New functionality can be added to Dynamic Data Warehouse & IntegrationCenter to meet regulatory or business changes without the need for a new software release or full regression testing, saving time and cost.

Preservation of Report Data and Logic

Completion of a multi-level sign-off triggers freezing of reports, preserving not only submitted results, but all data, business rules, formulas and calculations used to produce the final submission. Past reports going back to any point in time can be reconstructed instantly in full detail on demand for regulators or internal audit.


Handles the flow of information specific to the client’s organization.

Scalable, High Performance, Automated Platform


Workflow processes defined with Visual Business Rules or other tools can be executed automatically by a system scheduler.

Reliability, High Volume & Performance

Scalable and resilient architecture can handle all volume and performance demands in a robust environment.

Covers Regulations Globally

Financial firms can meet their local and global requirements on one strategic platform.

Getting Dynamic with Data Lineage:
Perspectives From A Regulatory Practitioner


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