AxiomSL is a proven leader in setting the standard for delivering integrated regulatory and risk management solutions for the financial services industry. AxiomSL Strategic Platform meets the challenges of new operating models, including the automation of reporting, business logic, data integration and enrichment, auditability, scalability and accountability in addressing multiple deadlines around the world. AxiomSL’s unique strategic data-driven platform meets existing and evolving regulations anywhere in the world while delivering a strong foundation to address tomorrow’s regulatory and risk requirements.


ControllerView® is a comprehensive solution for all levels of regulatory & management financial reporting. Visual Business Rules for easy updates to reporting requirements and consistency across all reports. Easily adapts to XBRL taxonomy requirements across multiple countries.

IntegrationCenter ™ and Dynamic Data Warehouse™

IntegrationCenter™ and Dynamic Data Warehouse™ comprise a complete integration and data-warehousing platform for risk data, market data, front/middle/back office data, reference data and operational loss data.