March 14, 2018 –

Your derivatives trade reporting… a compliance nightmare.

As an originating financial institution you must capture and report your derivatives trades to designated swap data repositories (SDRs). Once lodged in the SDR’s permanent record, trades are exposed to intense scrutiny under MiFID-II, Dodd-Frank Title-VII, and the host of regulatory initiatives seeking to strengthen transparency and auditability of derivatives markets. It sounds simple. Just accurately report your daily trades to the required SDRs, T+1, and provide certain attributes: who traded, what instrument, at what price, ultimate client, transaction purpose, etc. But, challenges lurk everywhere. With price/transactor data in the public domain, SDRs also receive data from other parties to the trade. You are plagued with concerns:

  • What are the SDRs seeing that I can’t see?
  • Are there duplicative entry or data-thread errors in my submission?
  • How do I know all those differently-sourced records match?
  • How are ties identified and broken cleanly?
  • What will the regulator ultimately review?
It is difficult to have confidence. Any error exposes you to regulatory consequences. With more trade reporting requirements looming, your trade communications must be correct.

Stop errors from coming back to haunt you.

AxiomSL’s Global Trade & Transition solution provides the data collection, consolidation, validation, reconciliation and submission capabilities required for compliance with current and future transaction reporting regulations and directives. Leveraging its flagship data-driven platform, its standard data dictionary and modeling and its effective communication layers, AxiomSL’s solution enables you to feed cleanly to SDRs in the first place. Then, crucially, by leveraging AxiomSL’s strong level-one reconciliation capabilities, you can read back from the SDRs, identify and reconcile any errors, and submit corrections on time.

Read-back, Reconcile and Report with AxiomSL’s Global Trade & Transaction solution.

To find out more, please contact: Bruce Runciman at brunciman@axiomsl.com or by phone at +1 212 248-4188 X120. And, remember, you can leverage AxiomSL’s one-platform architecture to meet other regulatory requirements such as Global Shareholding Disclosures, SEC-13F and many more mandates.


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