1st Quarter 2013

Across the globe, major hurdles in managing regulatory risks
Staying ahead of regulations

Message by: Alex Tsigutkin, CEO, AxiomSL
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I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!

AxiomSL emerged in 2012 as the leader in setting the standard for delivering an integrated regulatory strategic solution. In 2013, we are committed to alleviating the burden of your financial institution in dealing with stringent and timely regulatory reforms. We want to ensure that you are confident and capable in successfully meeting regulatory requirements.

Global financial institutions face many daunting challenges, such as:

  • Proliferation of new regulations which increase both the quantity and the quality of capital buffers;
  • Rigorous new requirements for market oversight, transparency and capital adequacy for asset management and the alternative investment community;
  • Simultaneously meeting existing and changing regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions around the world.
Gaining competitive advantage with an integrated strategic solution

AxiomSL’s solution holistically addresses regulatory, risk and liquidity demands by delivering an integrated strategic solution which provides data transparency to meet changing and complex regulations. With our solution:

  • Our valued customers will continue to stay ahead of global regulatory reforms with our intelligent, data-management platform which integrates a client’s source data from disparate systems and locations, without any data conversion, in a cost effective manner.
  • Our prospective clients are faced with a confusing, fragmented regulatory reporting landscape that is now a primary concern to financial institutions. These challenges can be turned into opportunities by transforming redundant, siloed systems into a fully-integrated strategic regulatory solution.
  • Our existing and future partners will embark with us on this journey by providing strategic business solutions addressing complex regulatory requirements. The aim is to leverage clients’ existing business models while consolidating technical and business expertise to meet emerging regulatory requirements. This will allow financial institutions to focus on their core value added activities and continue to run a successful organization.

Leveraging Regulatory Requirements

Unlock your Business Value Chain

Increasing profitability while regulatory initiatives multiply is a major challenge. Financial institutions need to adapt to higher standards for underwriting and analytics as well as meeting requirements for highly granular reporting and disclosures on aggregate risk positions, capital liquidities & counterparty credit exposures.

Dodd Frank, FSA, COREP/FINREP, EMIR, MAS, HKMA and many other regulatory authorities have laid out a number of stringent requirements for market oversight, transparency and risk management which are daunting to financial institutions. AxiomSL’s data-driven solution is configured for multiple regulators across various jurisdictions and changing regulations.

The inter-related and sometimes overlapping regulatory requirements can require substantial involvement of finance, risk, legal, and actuarial departments. AxiomSL’s integrated strategic solution identifies potential synergies between these regulations to improve a financial institution’s ability to gather, aggregate, and reconcile data, and to meet reporting requirements for both internal and external stakeholders.

AxiomSL’s solution enhances strategic and operational decisions without creating IT or vendor dependencies. It is quickly implemented and tailored to adapt to clients’ business operating models, without any data conversion, for cost-effective preparation of regulatory reports for electronic review and submission.

New Solutions

FATCA – Form PF – Swap Dealers – AIFMD – EMIR

Financial institutions are concerned with their organization’s compliance position as they are drowning in the complexity of a myriad of regulation mandates. Today, AxiomSL delivers additional solutions to meet the requirements for:


  • Identification and collection of US accounts;
  • Centralization of all client records, on a single data repository;
  • Establishment of the “Identification Compliance Process”;
  • Monitor US account holder FATCA data collection process;
  • Report to the IRS from a centralized FATCA system.
  • Scope and source clients’ data from disparate & multiple systems;
  • Meet PF calculation, aggregation and filing requirements;
  • Ensure complete transparency with an audit trail.
  • Minimize systemic risk of derivatives trading with a sophisticated capital adequacy and risk liquidity reporting platform;
  • Create transparency in the derivatives market with a robust data gathering, mapping, and traceability structure.