Meeting New ESG Disclosure Requirements: Effectively Managing Evolving Global Circumstances And An Ever-Changing Risk Landscape

As the world transitions to an increasingly green economy, the European Banking Authority (EBA), European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) and European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) have coordinated their requirements to enable organizations to meet standardized Environment Social Governance (ESG) disclosure mandates.

Currently, European regulators are leading with disclosure requirements, but the world awaits the rollout of local guidelines around the globe. Ultimately, no organization will be insulated from having to confront issues that are shaping the present and whose consequences will affect future generations.

Digitalization technologies will enable increased functionality while decreasing the resources required to effectively manage these risks and grow businesses that will have positive global impacts, including promoting sustainability and driving economic and social progress.


Technology-Driven, Transparent, End-To-End Platform Ensures Seamless ESG Disclosures

Given that ESG disclosure requirements in Europe are coming into force in January 2022, with a two-year transition period concluding in 2024, institutions must prepare now.


Important questions for consideration include:


  • Should we categorize ESG risks under credit/market risk or are they separate in and of themselves?
  • Do we have appropriate resources and systems to address these new risks?
  • How can our models accommodate long-term scenarios related to natural disasters, retirement liabilities, population demographics, environmental weaknesses, and black- swan events?
  • Are we able to capture ESG risk data alongside existing exposure information to satisfy disclosure data points?


If you choose the AxiomSL ControllerView® data integrity platform for your ESG disclosure requirements, we are committed to enabling you to transparently disclose your business practices and exposures to demonstrate a responsible growth strategy. Furthermore, the platform delivers a risk management ecosystem that supports actionable business decisions associated with the aim of growing the green economy.


Why AxiomSL’s Secure Platform Will Enable Processes For Building An Effective ESG Framework

Our non-invasive approach to data management means seamless data ingestion, data dictionary-driven enrichment, transparent drilldown, and integrated model-management and stress-testing capabilities – all on one highly secure, fully automated platform. With AxiomSL, clients can respond nimbly to change, paving the way for futureproofed ESG risk management.

AxiomSL’s ESG solution provides key capabilities, including:


  • A fully managed platform that delivers end-to-end – automated from data input to output, as per regulatory mandates
  • Monitoring ESG risk data against strategy – to continuously monitor ESG risks against defined mitigation strategies with trend and variance analysis
  • Powered by AxiomSL’s extensible FinView data dictionary architecture – to meet ESG specifications and reuse data consistently from other financial and statistical reporting requirements, including FINREP and COREP
  • Transparent, accurate, and understandable data – to facilitate deriving insights and satisfying audits/examinations
  • Flexible technology architecture – to enable increased functionality, optimize efficiencies, and decrease manual processes and resources required to effectively manage risks and drive responsible growth
  • Model management and execution – to address model proliferation, AxiomSL’s platform-native IntegratedModelView is a governance framework that accommodates ESG models
  • RegCloud®, AxiomSL’s ControllerView platform and solutions in a SaaS ecosystem – to achieve scalability, automatically update regulatory/technology changes, eliminate infrastructure burden, and reduce total cost of ownership

To Put A Holistic Data And Risk Management Ecosystem In Place For Your ESG Disclosure Requirements, Contact Us:


Let AxiomSL’s Experience Guide You Into A Futureproofed Tomorrow

We deliver an efficient and reliable approach to data management and regulatory reporting and bring 30 years of experience to the implementation process. With AxiomSL’s proven technology, calculations, integrated stress-testing processes, platform-native model management, and transparent data granularity capabilities, organizations can confidently meet ESG disclosure requirements and enhance their commitment to being globally responsible citizens.

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