Moving Regulatory Data To The Cloud: A Use Case Discussion

In today’s remote working world, financial firms are facing the challenge of meeting all their compliance requirements and regulatory deadlines without having the cohesive teamwork that comes from a central office location – and while that is driving a strong movement towards cloud-based operations, it also throws up some compelling questions around how to make this process as efficient, effective and secure as possible. moving regulatory data to the cloud

In this webinar, we look at why transitioning operating risk and regulatory data on the cloud is the right move for financial institutions to future-proof their global regulatory programs – especially now, when regulators globally require ever more regulatory data with ever more frequency.

During a facilitated discussion, experts from AWS, AxiomSL, and leading financial institutions discussed the benefits of transitioning to a vendor-provided cloud solution, and explored key use cases to provide insight into real-life experience.

Webinar discussion points:

  • What are the top challenges you might face in moving regulatory data and calculations to the cloud, and how can these be addressed?
  • How can you implement sensitive non-public information to a cloud infrastructure and obtain regulatory approval to do so?
  • How does vendor-provided cloud solution capability compare to financial institutions’ own private clouds?
  • How can you ensure the ongoing security of highly sensitive risk and regulatory data in a world of ever-increasing integration?
  • How should you balance the need to embrace change as a differentiator with the inherent risks change inevitably brings?
  • How can you correctly manage data, change, and operations for a cloud implementation



  • Jay Wolstenholme, Research Director, Chartis Research



  • Ruth Crossley, APAC Head of Regulatory Compliance and Assurance, AWS
  • Eric Rothrock, Senior Vice President of Cloud, AxiomSL
  • Melecio Jr Valerio, Head of Enterprise Data Management, FWD Insurance Philippines
  • Manish Chawda, Partner, Pragma Singapore

Download The Moving Regulatory Data to the Cloud: A Use Case DiscussionWebinar Replay now:

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