The Power of LineageView: Data Lineage for Regulatory Compliance

With COVID 19 continuing to disrupt the markets, financial institutions operate in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape of interconnected datasets, complex requirements, and stringent deadlines.

Regulators and auditors require firms to prove they can:

  • Report data accurately down to the line item
  • Track data flows resulting from report changes
  • Trace a single datapoint from source to reports, and
  • Connect regulatory data to enterprise applications

Establishing transparent regulatory data lineage is essential. But, getting there is challenging, and financial institutions struggle to answer questions such as:

  • How do we dynamically track the datasets that feed our regulatory reporting subsystem?
  • How do we track constantly changing business logic and data enrichments across many regulatory reports?
  • How do we extract meaningful information from lineage?
  • How do we connect our regulatory data lineage to our enterprise-level lineage?

Like a GPS, AxiomSL’s proven data lineage technology tracks data from source to final destination along the way collecting critical metadata information and documenting all changes that take place across the data flow.

Data Lineage For Regulatory Compliance Enables Confident Reporting. Find Out More About The Power Of LineageView Below:

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