IRD Updated Return XML Schema To V2.0 And User Guide To V3.0

September 30, 2020 – Hong Kong – IRD has updated Return XML Schema to v2.0 and User Guide to v3.0.

New HK XML schema v2.0 will be applicable from 1 January 2021.

The changes as follow:
1) “FIName”- changed lehgth (from Char120_Type to Char200_Type) + “version” attribute – changed type (from decimal to Char10_Type)

2) Added 1 country code “XK” (Kosovo)

3) Descriptions for 5 countries changed: “CV”, “CZ”, “MK”, “SZ”, “GB”

4) Added 5 currency codes “BYN” (Belarusian Ruble: BELARUS); “MRU”(Ouguiya: MAURITANIA); “STN” (Dobra: SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE); “UYW” (Unidad Previsional: URUGUAY); “VES”(Bolívar Soberano: VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF)

5) Descriptions for 25 currencies changed: “AZN”; “BYR”; “CLF”; “CVE”; “CZK”; “EUR”; “GBP”; “GNF”; “HRK”; “KMF”; “KPW”; “LAK”; “LTL”; “LVL”; “MRO”; “MWK”; “PEN”; “RON”; “STD”; “SZL”; “TOP”; “USS”; “UYI”;

For more information, please visit IRD.

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