Investment Firms Regulation Solution

Running on ControllerView®, the investment firms regulation solution incorporates the IFD/IFR regulation taxonomy and required calculations seamlessly. It leverages AxiomSL’s flexible and extensible data dictionary architecture used for COREP and Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) driven reporting.

Regulatory Requirements

As of June 2021, investment firms in Europe must implement the European Banking Authority’s Investment Firms Regulation (IFR) according to the Investment Firms Directive (IFD) based on their designated category.

Reporting for the impending IFD/IFR regulation will require firms to address:

  • New data collection and categorization using the ‘K-factor’ methodology
  • Adjusted capital calculation requirements

  • Management of both European and U.K. specific requirements
  • Monitoring and adapting to regulation changes

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AxiomSL’s Comprehensive IFR Solution Functionalities

Investment firms regulation solution delivers complex calculations, XBRL, IFR/COREP taxonomy & templates, & auditable history

IFR on ControllerView delivers:

New and complex calculation functionality

IFR and COREP taxonomies including templates, validations, and XBRL format

Precise histories and data lineage for data, results, and submissions are stored – to withstand audit scrutiny

Deployment on a secure Cloud or on-premises

Solution Features

Data Dictionary

AxiomSL’s IFR solution, running on ControllerView, efficiently incorporates the IFR taxonomy and required calculations using AxiomSL’s flexible, extensible data dictionaries and architecture.


Optimizes efficiencies with deploy-ability on secure RegCloud®, while user-friendly dashboards provide a clear and concise view of K-factors and capital requirements in one place.


Processes large data volumes, by leveraging big data technology like Spark, without compromising transparency and drilldown.


Firms are enabled to tackle the IFD/IFR regulation and other reporting requirements with consistency and transparency, limiting their operational impact.

Key Benefits

Addresses the new and complex K factor calculations as defined in the IFR/IFD regulations

Aligns with the IFR/IFD regulation taxonomy requirements and provides reports in IFR and COREP templates, and XBRL format

Complies with BCBS 239 data quality and governance objectives and enables transparent reconciliation

Integrates CRR calculations and reporting as per IFR/IFD requirements – including market risk standardized approach and capital floor thresholds

Leverages ControllerView’s capabilities to source, aggregate, and validate large volumes of data quickly in order to meet requirements

Delivers precise histories and dynamic data lineage for calculation results and regulatory submissions

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Investment Firms Regulation Solution

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