Webinar hosted by AxiomSL and Cognizant: Is the new IFR regulation as simple as it appears?

IFR Regulation

From June 2021, investment firms will have to comply with the new requirements of IFR regulation: in theory, this aims to simplify the regulatory burden for investment firms and align the Capital and Liquidity requirement to their risk profile. However, by studying more closely the expectations in terms of data collection, classification, “K-factors” or reporting, it is essential to pay particular attention to the challenges posed by this new regulation, because all have an action to take.

Henriette Lainey-Craindart, Manager Capital Markets at Cognizant, provides an overview of the new IFR regulation and its impact. An interview with experts and market players follows, moderated by François Dubrau, Partner at Cognizant, to discuss the issues raised by the implementation of this regulation and the solutions to be considered.


Henriette Lainey-Craindart, Manager Capital Markets, Cognizant

Fabien Guillotte, Head of Investment Services Compliance, Invest Securities

Frédéric Bernard, Risk Solutions Specialist, AxiomSL

Moderator: François Dubrau, Practice Lead Capital Markets France, Cognizant

Watch our webinar replay on the complexities of IFR Regulation in French:

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