HKMA Risk and Regulatory Reporting Solution

End-to-end automated HKMA risk and regulatory reporting solution encompassing data loading, logic, and aggregation functionalities that support the full suite of Hong Kong Monetary Authority requirements, including evolving granular data requirements, submission to STET, and changes to existing returns.

Stringent Requirements Across Multiple Reports

To safeguard financial stability, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) constantly issues new reporting requirements and changes to existing returns to ensure that authorized institutions (AIs) are resilient to shocks and can recover their positions in response to crisis. To effectively address these requirements, AIs face the following challenges:

  • Integrating and tracking data from multiple disparate sources
  • Combining finance and risk data to meet new requirements

  • Daily monitoring and calculations to support monthly returns
  • Calculating Basel liquidity and capital risk measures

Granular Data Repository (GDR)

Through its GDR pilot, HKMA has signaled its intention to require more granular data reporting. To keep pace with HKMA’s advances, AIs must boost their data gathering capacity and be technically prepared to tackle anticipated regulatory changes.

STET Submission

AIs must utilize HKMA’s Submission Through Electronic Transmission (STET) platform for all reporting and automate their processes accordingly or risk error propensity and carry time and resource burdens of continuing to manually report into STET.

HKMA Risk and Regulatory Reporting Solution Brochure

HKMA Risk and Regulatory Reporting Solution

Solution Features

Extensive Coverage

Delivers data integrity and auditability for the full suite of HKMA reporting requirements across FinReg and Basel credit, capital and liquidity including MA(BS)26, MA(BS)28, MA(BS)22, and MA(BS)3.

Adapts to new and evolving requirements including for the Granular Data Repository (GDR) and changes to existing returns.

Granular Data Management

Loads data as-is from original sources – no force fitting to a monolithic data model. Visual business rules and transparent data architecture power each requirement.

High-performance engine enables extensive data validations and reconciliations with capability to handle large data volumes for granular reporting.

Monitoring and Auditability

Dashboards enable compliance teams to monitor the end-to-end reporting process. Validation dashboards flag data quality issues for operations teams.

Data and rule drilldown enable granular inspection. The system delivers submission histories, daily point-in-time datasets, and lineage for compliance and audit defense.

Transparent, Automated Processes

Visual business rules and ubiquitous data drilldown provide end-to-end transparency, with full traceability and lineage.

Process automation strengthens operational resiliency from data ingestion, enrichment, calculations, report generation, validation, and sign-off to reporting.

STET Submissions

Incorporates required validation rules and enables correct formats for the full suite of HKMA reporting.

Automates XML file generation and report submission through HKMA’s STET facility, eliminating manual interventions, which are often time consuming and error prone.

Fully Managed Cloud Deployment

Option of RegCloud deployment ensures firms have the latest regulatory changes and software updates.

Secure and scalable, RegCloud reduces the technology infrastructure burden enabling AIs to concentrate resources on risk and regulatory compliance monitoring and analysis.

Key Benefits

Positions financial institutions to handle burgeoning granular data reporting requirements across the range of HKMA requirements

Single-platform approach shortens HKMA regulatory reporting cycle and enables nimble response to change

Workflow automation increases productivity and reduces risk from manual intervention

Dashboards, data drilldown, lineage, and point-in-time datasets inform monitoring, analysis, and regulatory scrutiny

Efficient data management frees resources to deepen analysis and insight into business operations

Ensures submission in correct formats via STET for the full suite of HKMA reporting

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Questions to Consider for HKMA Risk and Regulatory Reporting

Can we source the volumes of fine-grained data required for HKMA’s GDR program?

Are we staffed to surveil and adapt swiftly to changing returns and evolving granular reporting?

Can we process the high-volume and intra-day runs required to meet increasing demands?

Are we positioned to align and combine our risk and finance data to meet new requirements?

Given our corporate structure, can we easily make strategic and scalable reporting decisions?

Can we quickly provide end-to-end audit trails and easily defend past submissions?

HKMA Risk and Regulatory Reporting Solution

HKMA Reporting Solution Brochure

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