Introduction Webinar: Discover How You Can Master The Intricacies of Global Shareholding Disclosures Reporting

Check out a 30-minute overview of our automated end-to-end solution that enables you to have confidence in your shareholding disclosure monitoring and reporting. Complying is data-intensive, nuanced, and complex. Introduction Demo: Global Shareholding Disclosures ReportingBut, regardless of your mix of products, transaction types, data volume, or the number of jurisdictions you must monitor, AxiomSL’s Global Shareholding Disclosures (GSD) solution running on its single data integrity and control platform ensures you are always:

  • Up to date with frequently changing rules and calculations
  • Alerted before you breach a threshold
  • Ready to accurately disclose according to each jurisdiction’s requirements


Ekaterina Staykova – Client Specialist at AxiomSL
Peggy Fung – Client Specialist at AxiomSL

Check Out the Global Shareholding Disclosures Introduction Demo Now:

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