A Multinational Financial Institution’s Global Shareholding Disclosures Cloud Success Story

About 100 regulatory jurisdictions around the world enforce some form of shareholding disclosure rules. These rules vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next and change often.

Complying is data intensive, jurisdictionally nuanced, and complex. And, as evidenced during the coronavirus pandemic, shareholding disclosure reporting and monitoring rules are among the first regulatory changes to occur in times of market volatility.

Learn how a Japanese financial firm leveraged the RWA calculation and reporting solution to satisfy regulatory requirements.A large multinational financial institution was required to disclose its shareholdings across a hugely complex landscape. With exposure to more than 50 jurisdictions, an intricate corporate hierarchy, complex fund structures, and investment activity across jurisdiction-specific scenarios including significant holdings, short selling, takeovers, and sensitive industries, the client faced challenges on all fronts. Disclosure was a costly, resource-intensive, manually-driven process that presented significant operational and regulatory risks.

Recognizing these challenges, the firm decided to change course and selected AxiomSL’s Global Shareholding Disclosures solution that runs on the ControllerView® data integrity and control platform. Powered by the EquityView extensible data dictionary architecture, the solution enables the firm to conquer the many intricacies and nuances of beneficial ownership disclosure across multiple jurisdictions.

To further amplify its decision, the client opted to deploy the solution on AxiomSL’s secure RegCloud®. Architected to take full advantage of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) sophisticated features, RegCloud is highly secure, fully managed, and cost optimized. It enables financial institutions to harness the power of the cloud and comply with regulatory requirements.

By marrying AxiomSL’s shareholding disclosures solution and RegCloud, the client can meet intricate and changing global disclosure rules and regulatory requirements and is relieved of the burden of owning hardware and software infrastructures.

Read more about how AxiomSL’s Global Shareholding Disclosures solution deployed on RegCloud enabled this multinational institution to extend collaboration on regulatory initiatives and comply confidently:

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