FSB – Continuity of access to FMI services (FMI intermediaries) for firms in resolution: Framework for information from FMI intermediaries to support resolution planning

August 26, 2021 – FSB issued questionnaire Continuity of access to FMIs for firms in resolution: streamlined information collection to support resolution planning (revised 2021).Replaces earlier version and follows April 2021 survey on the framework.

Overview: Covers general FMI information, legal structure/arrangements, operational processes. Common template for information on FMI continuity of access for firms in resolution. Responses will be used to inform resolution planning for firms using FMI services and resolution authorities, to reduce numbers of inquiries from FMI participants. Also aims to streamline provision of information from FMIs to firms and authorities.

Next Steps: FSB has an upcoming webinar on September 16, 2021 – for representatives of FMI service providers, FMI service users, and authorities – to explain and answer questions on the questionnaire. Questionnaire to be evaluated in 2022; stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on the framework and process in operation.

For more information, visit www.fsb.org.

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