Federal Reserve Board – FR 2886b, FR 2900, FR 2910a, FR 2915 and FR 2930

January 19-28, 2021


FR 2886b –
Consolidated Report of Condition and Income for Edge and Agreement Corporations. The final OMB supporting statement was posted.
FR 2900 –
Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits and Vault Cash.
FR 2910a –
Annual Report of Deposits and Reservable Liabilities.
FR 2915 –
Report of Foreign (Non-U.S.) Currency Deposits.
FR 2930 –
Allocation of Low Reserve Tranche and Reservable Liabilities Exemption. Final OMB supporting statement was posted.

Client Impact:
For Regulation D Deposit Definition Changes (FR 2886b) & Proposed Reporting Changes to FR 2900 (April, 2021), FR 2915 (June, 2021) & discontinue FR 2910a & FR 2930.

For more information, visit www.federalreserve.gov.

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