Federal Reserve Board (FRB) – FR 2225, FR 2900, FR 2910a, FR 2915, FR 2930

September 3, 2020


FR 2225 – Annual Daylight Overdraft Capital Report for U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks

  • Updated draft reporting instructions were posted.

Client Impact:

For Q4 2020 (as-of 12/31/2020) Reporting:

FR 2900 – Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits and Vault Cash
FR 2910a – Annual Report of Deposits and Reservable Liabilities
FR 2915 – Report of Foreign (Non-U.S.) Currency Deposits
FR 2930 – Allocation of Low Reserve Tranche and Reservable Liabilities Exemption

  • Draft OMB supporting statement, draft reporting forms, draft reporting instructions, and initial Federal Register notice were posted.

Client Impact:

Proposed Weekly FR 2900 changes effective beginning with April 6 thru 12, 2021 Reporting. Proposed FR 2900 is more summarized based on the reduction of reserve requirements to 0% for all deposits earlier this year.

Proposed Quarterly FR 2915 changes are effective with June 21, 2021 Reporting.

Proposed Elimination (no longer required) of the Annual FR 2910a & the Annual FR 2930 for end-of-year 2020 Reporting

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