ControllerView®: Data Management and Data Analytics Platform

Leading risk and regulatory data management and reporting platform characterized by role-based security, data persisstence, and attestation control elements


Risk and Regulatory Data Management with Dynamic Data Lineage

LineageView’s Navigator, Tracer, and Enterprise Adaptors form a unique Data Lineage ecosystem to deliver audit defense of data transformations, aggregations, and calculations.

High Value, Low Risk Implementation Approaches

ControllerView provides reporting implementations through multiple approaches. As native data is sourced clients have the ability to apply a series of Visual Business Rules to enrich and aggregate data. Enriched and aggregated data is then mapped on to regulatory reports through a NO-CODE experience.

In addition, native data can also be mapped to a series of extensible data dictionaries for bespoke risk calculation and multi-jurisdictional reporting requirements. The ability to implement across multiple approaches is the reason for AxiomSL’s 25+ year successful track record in this industry.

Platform Architecture

AxiomSL’s ControllerView - Data Management Platform Featuring Regulatory Reporting, Capital & Liquidity Calculations

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User Experience

Reporting Process


Secure | Intelligent | Flexible | Scalable

Icon Security


ISO 27001 Certification requiring biannual Penetration Tests and continuous Cyber Risk Monitoring

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Artificial Intelligence for Automated Mapping and Regression Testing

Icon Adaptive Final


Adapts to Infrastructure Changes without the need for Systems Reengineering

Icon Scalable Architecture


Scalable Architecture with High Performance for your Robust Environment

Regulatory Data Management Elements

Icon End to End Analysis

Live Drill Down

Easily Conduct Analysis using Live Drill Down Functionality while having Complete Transparency throughout the Process

Icon End to End Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Data Lineage Functionality Captures and Visualizes Data Sources, Business Logic and Workflows

icon End to End Versioning 350px 1


Versioning and Preservation of Data and Metadata, Business Logic and Entire Workflow Process

The Future-Proof Risk & Regulatory Reporting Platform

Icon Any Source Any Format

Data Sourcing

Ingest from any source of data, repository or ETL technology. Automatically keep track of Data Lineage. Prepare data for enrichment.

icons Simplicity mid

Visual Business

The No Code experience to implementing Boolean logic. Non disruptive adaptation to new regulatory reports.

icons Bespoke Data Dictionaries

Bespoke Data Dictionaries

Leverage collective knowledge of the industry through extensible dictionaries. Capital, Liquidity, Credit, Deposit Guarantee Schemes, Shareholder Ownership, Trade Reporting and Tax.

icons Flexible mid

Attestation and Submissions

Implement operational processes to sign-off and attest across multiple lines of business. Preservation of all intermediary and submitted data for audit defense.

For more information about AxiomSL’s ControllerView platform, download the PDF.

Reliability | Availability | Scalability | Usability | Interoperability

icon Reliability Availability


ControllerView runs on multiple operating environments and can be configured to deliver 99.99% uptime. AxiomSL’s RegCloud service further strengthens the availability capabilities by delivering uptime through Service Level Agreements for uptime and recovery times. AxiomSL’s RegCloud service delivers Development, Test, Production and Disaster Recovery environments in a cost efficient manner.

Icon Scalable Architecture


ControllerView incorporates the latest technologies including Spark, Hadoop, RedShift, to deliver cost efficient processing and storage solutions in today’s big data environments.

Icon Usability AxiomSL Rev


ControllerView’s Visual Business Rules to enrich and aggregate datasets provide the business user a transparent experience in implementing the risk and regulatory reporting workflows. ControllerView’s configurable user interface also provides teams with the ability to develop their own information analytics.

Icon Interoperability


ControllerView’s open architecture lends itself to interact with external applications such as scheduling, security, monitoring, and any type of data providers. ControllerView integrates in client architectures in nondisruptive manner.

For more information about ControllerView V10, request the V10 Briefing here.

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