Unpacking FR 2052a Changes: Full Steam Ahead For July 1, 2021 – Webinar

Unpacking The FR 2052a Changes – Full Steam Ahead For July 1, 2021With the Fed’s proposed instruction for the FR  2052a changes, financial institutions must immediately prepare to meet the aggressive July 1, 2021 start date. Anticipating that FR 2052a changes would only cover alignment with the new US NSFR rule, many banks were surprised to learn that the massive increase in the scope of FR 2052a changes affects everyone, not just NSFR reporters. Some of the most onerous requirements that AxiomSL is solving and that banks must have on their radar include:

  • Derivatives netting challenges
  • Remapping PIDs
  • Remapping SFTs and calculations

Attended by over 180 representatives from 30 banks, AxiomSL’s April 13, 2021 FR 2052a Changes Webinar offered a breath of clarity, taking a deep dive into the proposed changes and how financial institutions can be better prepared for implementation. Additionally, the webinar featured live-poll questions revealing attendees’ perspectives on several key issues.


  • Edward Probst, Chief Product Officer, AxiomSL


  • Don Mumma, Managing Director – Risk Management, AxiomSL
  • Dan Shmueli, Head of Product & Pre-Sales – Americas, AxiomSL
  • Romana Maione, Senior Solution Expert, AxiomSL

Watch FR 2052a Changes replay now to learn more about how AxiomSL – together with the banking community – prepares to meet the July 1st start date.

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